Follow the line: the ZAZ ZUH ZAS striped collection by Ștefan Toma

I love stripes; that is not a secret. And I like shirts a lot. The equation cannot be simpler than that: I couldn’t resist to an entire collection in stripes, especially when they are put on shirts and pants and blazers. Ștefan Toma collection, presented at UAD 2018 Gala, ZAZ ZUH ZAS, was about lines and stripes and form and expression. But also the clothes speak about attitude and music and about two subcultures entitled Zazou and Zoot that have influenced pretty much the fashion world. “I wanted the clothes to be comfortable. I wanted to feel good on the skin and to fit well together. It took me a lot to find the proper fabrics and to execute the suits and the shirts the way I wanted to”, Ștefan told me. And the shirt and the suit were just perfect.

stefan toma stripes collection

We could find Ștefan Toma on… Instagram account: @stefan.t25.  
About UAD Fashion Design 2018 GALA –

stefan toma collection stripes details

Your journey in the fashion world has started with… the end of high school. That was the moment when I started to be interested in fashion world. That and the first fashion pieces I made in some practice weeks.

Your graduation collection is about… two subcultures entitled Zazou and Zoot that have influenced pretty much the fashion world during the Second World War. The length of the clothing items was exaggerated and the fabric was used in excess. I chose to keep these details in mind and to reinterpret them in a personal manner, offering a better comfort to the wearer.

The headline (in a newspaper, a magazine) about your collection could be… “How to look good in stripes?”

The hardest moment as the young designer was, until now… to find and to associate certain fabrics; it was difficult to find a wide range of fabrics that can fit together.

The ultimate fashion icons for you are… T-Michael and Dany Dos Santos.

You would like your signature look (piece) to be, in the future… a deconstructed shirt, made out of different pieces of fabric, coming in various shapes.

On your moodboard we can find… cities like Paris and New York, images with jazz singer Cab Calloway, an important character of the Zoot subculture.

The designer you would like to ask for a coffee and a piece of advice would be… Thom Browne.

What is next for you? The fashion design master programme and another collection next year.

stefan toma blazer stripes

stefan toma uad gala 2018

stefan toma sleeves collection

stefan toma collection

stefan toma alina aliman

Ștefan Toma & Alina Aliman

Photography: Paul Țuț (Paul Photograhy – / courtesy of UAD GALA, Lucian Broscățean.

Many thanks to hotel Platinia,


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