The perfect attribute of elegance: an atribut bag

I love being surprised. At least when it comes for clothes and bags. And I was really surprised when I’ve discovered, a while ago, the first atribut bag: the wood frame and the real nice colours got me in a second. Therefore, I wanted to talk to Florina Sirman, the designer, about the idea that stays behind her beautiful bags and the challenges for the designers today.


atribut bags

Atribut bags could be found on, on Instagram account @1atribut and in Molecule-F store (

Atribut bags will be present at Materia fair – FACEBOOK page of Materia. 

Bags & wood just because…

It all started with an idea, to transpose the retro metallic frame into a wooden frame. After that, the wood dictated the whole road.

My journey in fashion world started with…

I am more attracted by the design area. Mostly I am inspired by objects like buildings, furniture, structures.


The hardest thing a young designer should face these days is… 

I manage atribut by myself at this moment, so I find it challenging to cover all the areas of a business: creating, branding, marketing, relation with the suppliers. Trying to keep a balance in all these areas is sometimes hard and I find myself sometimes in the position of not having time to create and put all my ideas in practice.

My latest collection it is going to be about…

A shift. I try to escape the regular structures and go more into the direction of organic forms. There’s still a bit of structures – I kept a triangle as a center point of the collection.

atribut bags details

atribut bags red

The atribut bag will tell about the women who will wear it…

That they are courageous, bold  and appreciate design. The bag itself brings together design and functionality. For example the Handbag can carry a laptop inside, so it is adapted to the life rhythm these days.

Old school items that will always inspire me are…

Metallic framed bag, the doctor’s bag, Eileen Gray’s Bibendum Chair.

atribut bag blue

atribut bags blue

If my fashion mood board would be a city, it would be…

Stockholm. I am in love with the corroded cooper roofs of this beautiful town.

The bag designer you admire most…

Even if I create bags at this moment, Eilleen Grey is the an Irish architect and furniture designer I admire most. Not only her works but also her entire life. She was a visionary, a pioneer in Modern Movement in architecture.

bags atribut

atribut clutch grey

The most extravagant thing I wish to design is…

An object made out of flexible wood. I do not know if it will be a chair or a candle holder. It could be any object. I will let myself inspired.

We need fashion in our life because… 

It feeds our souls. Both of the creator’s and the wearer’s.

Alina Aliman & Florina Sirman

Photography: Daniel Păduraru

Thank you, Bianca Popp (, for the grey dress and space. // Sweater Clockhouse by  C&A; scarf Nazain Rose Matin; top COS; jeans Zara; shoes Prada.


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