Lettere da Capri: the resort collection 2016, Valentina Vidrașcu

The sounds of the waves hitting the boat, the sunrise seen from the yacht wandering the sea, the colours of the houses and flowers, the roughness of the cliffs and the bohemian vibe all over the Capri island: it could be better translation for all these than fluid dresses made of silk and velvet, the murmur of blouses, the tough feeling of embroidery and lace over the smooth silk, long dress? Because these are all the items I could find in a beautiful resort collection signed by Valentina Vidrașcu. And, as in the fairytales and sweet romances about the famous couples on the island, I fell in love with them. (CLICK on the gallery above, for more pictures)

Valentina Vidrașcu collection, as well as “Lettere da Capri”, could be found on www.valentinavidrascu.ro.

The colours of the collection remind us of the bohemian spirit of the island Capri – from blu, deep marine blu and white to the big flowers prints spread all over the maxi dresses.

“Lettere da Capri” is the latest collection signed by Valentina Vidrașcu (www.valentinavidrascu.ro). The collection of wonderful dresses is matched with series of photographies, signed my Marian Pălie (Capri, June, with a Canon EOS 5D  camera).

Photography: Iulian Nan. Make-up: Diana Ionescu. Model: Floriana Sandu.


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