White urban story: Corina Boboc & her SS19 collection

She says that Corina the designer is more fun than the Corina the scenographer. But I think that Corina Boboc is awesome in both situations and her designs look cool no matter if they are on actresses on the red carpet, (on me) for a morning walk in the city or completing the plot in a classical play at the theatre. I talked to Corina about moodboards, design and her latest SS19 collection. 

Corina Boboc designs are available on www.corinaboboc.com and www.molecule-f.com.
Follow her on Instagram @corinaboboc_official. 

corina boboc new collection

SS19 collection is about… 

… the pleasure to wear smooth, natural fabrics. Is about femininity and tenderness.

The moodboard for the collection (named „say yes to the line”) included…

…. a photo of an outfit from my first collection, RAYA. 

Ration between inspiration and work in this collection was…

… 50% – 50%. 

corina boboc ss19 collection

corina boboc ss19 collection white

Your big enemy in the process was…

… TIME. We have many projects in this period, deadline after deadline.

Your best help was…

  my assistant, she is a trustworthy workaholic.

The best city to wear your SS19 collection is…

…. every city in Europe because the clothes are versatile. 

corina boboc mirrors

corina boboc ss19 white collection

The perfect TV series for your collection would be…

… Californication.

The biggest difference between Corina (the scenographer) and Corina the designer is…

… Corina the designer is more fun than the Corina the scenographer. 😀

A classic play you want to design for is… 

… A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

corina boboc white

corina boboc detalis

Your next projects (collections, plays, others will include)…

… a lot of work and concentration. The next months will be a challenge for me, I have two projects (theatre plays) in other city and many others in Bucharest. 

Photography: Daniel Păduraru. 


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