Between worlds: the unique exhibition Eugen Bratfanof

A face come into sight from a coat sleeve, a face is actually a human body, an eye catching more than we can see at the first look – the world imagined by Eugen Bratfanof in his Între lumi exhibition (just opened at Galateca), is a neverending suprise. 

Eugen Bratfanof – Între lumi – between 13 December- 8th of February, at Galateca – 

After 30 years from his latest exhibition, Eugen Bratfanof is on display with more than 30 works pieces, from 1984 – 2019. In a unique exhibition, the project brings together the most recent painted portraits, as well as a rare series of drawings, at the first viewing. Master of the portrait on the border between authentic surrealism and the reflection in reality of almost photographic introspective images, the author synthesises the red thread given by the title of the exhibition: “There is constantly a character who is just passing by or who has something inside. It’s beautiful and inciting”, said Eugen Bratfanof. 

About the author… 

Eugen Bratfanof made his debut at the age of 16, when he was a student of the Middle School of Fine Arts (the current Tonitza High School in Bucharest) with a personal exhibition organized at the Trade Union Culture House in Tulcea – 30 paintings, watercolors and graphics in the ink, mostly landscapes. Also in 1958 two of his paintings were selected and represented Romania at the International Exhibition in Brussels.
The second personal exhibition was long awaited – after 18 years of absence from any other group exhibitions, in 1985 Eugen Bratfanof exhibited 60 paintings at the Art Galleries of the Municipality of Bucharest. 
In 2004 and 2017, two albums appeared, Painter Eugen Bratfanof, curated by Tudor Octavian.
In 2019, at Galateca, Eugen Bratfanof returns with the exhibition “Between the worlds”, hosted between December 13 and February 8. His works are in private collections in Sweden, Greece, Italy, France, Germany, United States, Canada, Spain, Denmark, China.