#ArtList: 6 exhibition to see in March and April 2019 in Bucharest 

#SundayIsForMuseums? I would dare to say that every spring day is for museums. Or art galleries, installations, performances, art book and so on. Therefore, here is the list of 6 exhibition I would put on my #ArtList in March and April 2019. (Photo up- image of Hsia-Fei Chang, Galateca Gallery).

Here I am – Leyla Mahat – 11 of March – 1st of April – Galateca

Some beautiful images of the Kazakh artist, Leyla Mahat. Nature and the steppe are two important inspirational elements for the artist. “As I grow older, I get closer and closer to myself. Unnecessary layers are removed (..) The earth struggles with pain and hardship. I overheated it. I split it. I cut him off, I hurt him. And yet we want more. And more. “(Leyla Mahat). I just loved the beautiful paintings with coloured horses – About Love. Blue / Pink. And the beautiful poems written by the artist, written all over enormous mirrors.
@galateca / www.galateca.ro 

Here I Am Leyla Mahat Galateca (16)

leyla mahat about love blue

Abstract Fuidity – Andreea Tivadar – 21st of March – 18 of April 2019, Estopia Art Gallery. 

Andrea Tivadar puts on paintings rather an essential reinterpretation of the imagined or invented reality. With an amazing ability to create incredible depths and spatial volumes without an apparent anchoring in the figurative, the artist invites the spectator into his own interior lab, where the invisible, mysterious second realities and transparent take the place of recognisable forms in the visible world.
@estopiaartgallery / http://www.estopiaartgallery.com 

Network 4 50x60cm 2016

Stepped Pyramids 1 150x130cm 2019

Peisaj – Fotogalerie Wien – 21st of March – 04 of May 2019 – Galeria Posibilă

The artists: Thomas Albdorf, Robert Bodnar, Markus Guschelbauer, Michael Höpfner, Claudia Rohrauer, Lea Titz. Galeria Posibilă presents six Austrian artists in whose work the theme of the landscape plays an important or central role in various ways: transformation and landscape interventions in relation to agriculture and artistic processes; technical and scientific representation and exploration of the landscape in terms of weather, light and rotation of the earth.
@galeria_posibila / www.posibila.ro 

peisaj galeria posibila


Roxana Trestioreanu – Et Dieu… créa la femme – 20 March – 3rd of May 2019 – AnnArtGallery 

The exhibition of photography proposes to the audience another view on feminine concept, another point of interest of femininity. Chunks of a women’s life, bits of her habits and beauty – all of them all in the photographies of the artist Roxana Trestioreanu. The images are an invitation to the discovery of a feminine universe defined by humour, mystery, nostalgia and provocation. The exposition of the fragmented, suggested, filtered, rebuilt body through the eyes of the viewer is an exercise of freedom.
@annartcontemporary / www.annartgallery.ro

roxana trestioreanu

annart gallery

Bluebird – until 12 of April 2019 – Galeria Sector 1

Inspired by Charles Bukowski’s Bluebird poetry, this group exhibition aims to be a visual embodiment of the most intimate agonies of artistic processes. The works in the exhibition depicts the experience, emotion and imagination that prevents the sneak in the face of vulnerability. The artists: Radu Băieș, Istvan Betuker, Norbert Filep, Pavel Grosu, Lucian Popăilă, Marcel Rusu, Ioan Sbârciu and Alexandra Șerban.
@sector1gallery  / http://sector1gallery.com 

galeria sector 1

galeria sector 1

ARTA – Agenția Defazată – 4-23 of April 2019

Multicultural and multimedia exhibition, included in France-Romania 2019 exchange. 14 artists (Frnech, Romanian) will exhibit at Galateca Gallery. Among them: Hsia-Fei Chang, Claude Closky, Nicolae Comănescu, Arantxa Etcheverria, Alexandra Joisten, Bernard Joisten, Ange Leccia, Petru Lucaci, Philippe Perrin, Julien Prévieux, Julien Prost & Maria Norte Fonseca (partners for Lucian Hrisav and Pandele Pandele – UNArte).
@galateca / www.galateca.ro





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