5 beautiful places to travel in Romania

Sea-lover, adrenaline junkie, retro dreamer, urban citizen or modern aristocrat? I have a travel proposal in Romania for every mood I may be in at some point. Here are the nicest locations for me to spend a wonderful weekend. 

Life Harbour Limanu – www.lifeharbour.ro  

I think my life was destined to be on the sea. Somewhere, on a boat, sailing away the wolrd’s oceans. Until I will have the time to do that as a full time job, I will resume on going at Life Harbour Limanu, one of the coolest places on the Romanian seaside. Sailing lessons, skijet rides, sun, beach, smiles and good vibe. All in one. 

limanu harbour night

limanu harbour water

limanu harbour deck

Arsenal Park Orăștie – https://arsenalpark.ro

It is, definitely, on my must-go list. Parasailing, escalade, treasure hunt, archery, skate park, tank rides. Well, if I’ve ever wanted to see how is it to be in the army… this is the time to find out. The only dilemma I have if I want to check in a general room, in an officer one or in the tank apartment…

arsenal park view

arsenal park tank

arsenal park bungee

Zabola Estate – http://www.zabola.com 

In this castle, dating 19th century, I spent some of the most loveliest weekend of my life. There is so much calm and good energy here, so quiet, so aristo-chic! And not to mention that the food is absolutely genius! For the nature lovers, Zabola Estate has special programs of bird wahtching, deer stalking or horse carriage rides.  

zabola exterior

zabola living

zabola room

Viscri 125 – http://www.viscri125.ro 

Deep in the heart of Transylvania lies a village of such beauty to be worthy of the UNESCO World Heritage title. Mountain-biking, trekking, truffle hunting, wandering around Viscri and admiring the beautiful preserved houses, eating some incredible food, learning some history… 

viscri 125 yard

viscri 125 room

viscri 125 chairs

Pines Boutique Villa – https://www.thepines.ro 

It was my home away from home for many night I spent in Brașov. I love the solitude of the villa into the pines forrest, yet so close to the centre of the city. Yes, I admit: I am a fan of Nordic design in grey and white and wood accents. My favourite things, so far? The view from the suite at the upper level, the vanilla cookies and the marvellous sitting table in the sunny living room where I worked for a couple of hours. 

pines boutique villa room

pines boutique villa living

pines boutique villa lobby

Photography: location archive, Ionut Macri @Viscri125, dreamingof.net 


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