The music road of SoNoRo: 14 mansions & palaces to see in Romania

When it comes to travel, I’ve always all think about the perfect soundtrack to get along with the road: some jazz for a train trip, some electro beats for a night ride and for sore some symphonic parts for a chaotic day in the city. This year, though, my music will be that one played at SoNoRo Conac 2017 (, now at the fifth edition. It is an important edition, as long as the rescue of some important architectonic pieces is on stake. But let’s meet some of the destinations for this year. And the mansions to see in Romania.

SoNoRo Conac 2017 will take place between April and September 2017 –
The festival will take place in 14 mansions & palaces in Romania.

The SOS for this year? Is for Conacul Neamțu, Olari, Olt and Conacul Marghiloman, Hagiești, Ialomița.

First concert: 7th of April, at Palatul Marincu, Muzeul de Artă Calafat, Dolj. Designed by the French architect Paul Gottereau, the Palace Marincu has now an important art collection – from painting to sculpture and graphic art – works of artists like Nicolae Grigorescu, Henri Catargi or Theodor Pallady and Ion Irimescu. What about the musical environment? Franz Schubert, Ludwing van Beethoven, Sir Edward Elgar. beautiful, isn’t it?

Palatul Marincu, Muzeul de Artă Calafat, Dolj

The second: 9th of April, at Palatul Brâncovenesc, Potlogi. This palace is 300 years old, it was once the domain of the royal family Brancoveanu. And the beautiful gardens and the palace, restored now entirely, worth a visit.

Palatul Brâncovenesc, Potlogi

Palatul Culturii, Iași. With 298 large rooms, 92 windows in the front part of the building and another 36 inside the building, the Palace of Culture in Iași is one of the moste visited and admired architectonic monuments in this area. The construction, started in 1906-1907, was partly built on the old ruins of the mediaeval Princely Court of Moldavia. Decoratively, the central hall shows a figurative mosaic including various representations of a gothic bestiary, concentrically arranged: two-headed eagles, dragons, griffons, lions. The hall is superposed by a glass ceiling room, where initially a greenhouse was arranged. Now, in this complex there are Museum of Science, Art Museum, Ethnographic Museum and History Museum. (

Palatul Culturii, Iași

Kalnoky Castle, Micloșoara, Covasna ( is the perfect place not only for a musical lovely afternoon in one of SoNoRo destination this spring, but also as a weekend escape. Walks in the nature, authentic cuisine, horse riding, cultural events: I could only dream of something more suitable for a two-day cultural trip. Enjoy the music and the nature, as well.

Kalnoky Castle, Micloșoara, Covasna

Daniel Castle, Tălișoara, Covasna. Restored and transformed into a hotel, the castle has Renascence roots and a beautiful architecture. The place is perfect for a short holiday (it has its own accommodation rooms) and from here you could take the road to some unexplored natural landscape, to Varghis Castle or you could simply enjoy the music of SoNoRo concert, the view and… the food. (

Daniel Castle, Tălișoara, Covasna

The Fortified Church Cincșor, Brașov. Built in the thirteen century, the church is beautifully preserved (one of the best in Transylvania). It is built in gothic style, with four defence towers and two spaces surrounded by defence walls. The altar was painted by Carl Dorschlag, in 1868. It is an incredible historical monument and I cannot wait to hear the sound of music inside the walls.

The Fortified Church Cincșor, Brașov

Carul cu bere, Bucharest ( The building (one of the most visited sites in Bucharest, especially when, as a forigner, you want to tase and hear the local music&food) was built in Neo-Gothic style, after Zigfried Z. Kofczinski and Al. Pesch’s plans. The vaulted ground floor in Neo-Gothic style is richly decorated with paints, stained glass, mosaics and carved panelings.

Carul cu bere, Bucharest

Marghiloman Mansion, Buzău. The rumour has it that the mansion is haunted by the former high-official phantom. But the truth is that the domain, built in 1884 and desgned by the same French architect, Paul Gottreau, is beautiful, with its 31 different rooms, restored now with EU funds, a superb building (reminding us of the beautiful old times with balls and horse derby) and a pond.

Marghiloman Mansion, Buzău

Sturdza Castle, Miclăușeni, Iași ( The castle, in a gothic style, was built between 1880-1904 from Sturza family, on the site of an older mansion from 1775. Frankly, it looks exactly like an French castle on Loara Valley, with all the details and white walls. Unfortunately, most of the books from the enormous library were lost, but we can still admire the place and the surroundings. Go there and let it fly with the music of SoNoRo (

Sturdza Castle, Miclăușeni, Iași

Nicăpetre House, Brăila. Nicăpetre was a painter and a sculptor (considered a follower of the better known Brâncusi). The house with his name in Brăila hosts a lot of his works (inside and outside, on the alleys) and the building, beautifully restored, is an architectonic jewell, perfectly lighted and just suited for a symphonic concert.

Nicăpetre House, Brăila

Liceul Central / Școala de fete, Bucharest – The Central Highschool. The architecture reminds us of some clerical mansions, with the symmetrical wings and large windows. The plan was made by the architect Ion Mincu. It has large corridors, an amphitheater and a beautiful patio (

Liceul Central / Școala de fete, Bucharest

Otomani Mansion, Bihor. This is another example of old mansion saved nowadays. Built in 17th century, the building was almost destroyed during communist era and restored with EU funds. The massive doors are baroque and they were fully recovered, aa well as the pavement. A tunnel of 87 meters from Medieval Age is next to the mansion, the painting inside the mansion were partially saved, and some new trees and in the park were planted. I am sure that SONoRo night will be amazing there. (

Otomani Mansion, Bihor

Oradea Fortress, Bihor. It is one of the fewest old fortresses still in use in Romania. The architectonic complex has 5 bastions, a thick wall, 5 towers, a church, a moat filled with water around the castle and a princely space. Before a beautiful concert there is enough time to visit the gardens and the park.

Oradea Fortress, Bihor

Oromolu Villa, Bucharest. The building has a history of almost 100 years. It was renoveted these years and integrated into a modern complex and it could be visited. The plans for the house were made by the architect Petre Antonescu (the same one who designed Kretzulescu Palace and Triumph Arch).

Oromolu Villa, Bucharest

These are the 14 mansions to see in Romania and the beautiful concerts that will take place in the locations. The SOS for this year? Is for Conacul Neamțu, Olari, Olt and Conacul Marghiloman, Hagiești, Ialomița.


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