It smells like… Louis Vuitton spirit

Oh, goodie! It’s official: the French brand Louis Vuitton is going to launch a perfume in September this year. And it is going to be probably the most expected launch of the year.  The perfume, built in Creative Atelier in Grasse, is the first fragrance of the French house since 1946 and it will be created by Jaques Cavallier Belletrud, “the nose” of the house.

The perfume, clothes and accesories Louis Vuitton culd be found on

What do we know about the new perfumes? That special ingredients were on line; among them, a natural leather extras (the light beige material used to cover the handles and straps of the Maison’s trunks and handbags for the last 150 years). And probably some exclusive flowers, roses from Grasse or magnolia and jasmine.

Who is Jaques Cavallier Belletrud? “The nose” behind the new Louis Vuitton perfumes is one of the most well-known perfumers (he created L’Eau d’Issey, ” Lancôme Poême, Cinema). And we hardly can wait to see and smell the new creations from the labs of Les Fontaines Parfumees in Grasse.

A little bit of history. In the 1920’s, Louis Vuitton commisioned artists to design decorative motifs for engraved crystal bottles. These exquisite pieces were known as ‘Editions d’Art’, with artists like Camille Cless-Brothier, Gaston Le Bourgeois and André Ballet among those who designed and crafted these bottles. Buoyed by the success of ‘Editions d’Art’, the first Louis Vuitton fragrance, Heures d’Absence was launched in 1927, followed closely by Je, Tu, Il in 1928, and Réminiscences and Eau de Voyage in 1946.

Photography: courtesy of Louis Vuitton


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