Environmental 22/04: a young Romanian designer & a sustainable collection

We talked a lot about sustainability lately. We discuss every day about recycling, green businesses and reducing the waste. Some people do not just talk, they really act: take a closer look at Environmental 22/04, a capsule collection by a young designer Raluca Baciu. And maybe to invest in some eco sustainable pieces. 

Environmental 22/04 is the second collection of Raluca Baciu @ralucabaciudesign.
Find her campaign on Startarium – https://www.startarium.ro/crowdfunding/Environmental. 

raluca baciu design collection

Important facts about Environmental 22/04 collection.

  • First: you can support the project by buying one of the pieces from the capsule collection – the project is listed on Startarium website and it is now in crowdfunding process.
  • It is a fashion capsule collection, inspired by the daily problems of the environment, made out of entirely from natural fabrics (as organic cotton).
  • The print on T-shirts, sweatshirts, bags and shirts represent the shadows of some plastic objects found on city streets. 
  • The quantity of colours in prints is diminished in order to reduce chemicals. 
  • The pieces are timeless, well cut and durable, in order to support a less-consuming fashion philosophy. 
  • Raluca Baciu, the designer, is an alumni of UNARTE Bucharest. 

Environmental 22 04

RB DESIGN Environmental

RB DESIGN collection

Environmental raluca baciu collection

Photography: RB Design 


Sustainable luxury: bags from Ministry of Tomorrow, approved by Peta