So close to the moon: meet designers’ Inedithe fair

It’s spring already, it’s time for new beginnings. Therefore, let’s say “hello” to a new designer fair in town, Inedithe. Take a look at the new art objects, glass decorative items, accessories and clothes, all signed by Romanian designers.

Inedithe takes place between 20-21st of April, at Linea/Closer To the Moon, 11.00-17.00. Free entrance. 

Other details on Facebook and Instagram @inedithe.official. 

What I am going to see there? My selection is here… 

Ona Gall – fabric manipulation of the clothes, hand painted accessories, pretty brooches and spring dresses: this is, for short, the theme of the spring/Summer 2019 collection from Ona Gall. “The collection will be a fluid one, in light colours, with some bright accents, on well-shaped pieces, architectural sometimes”, said the designer. Find her on Facebook – HERE.

Vinilistic – it is so cool when old stuff come back to live in a recycled collection. Some old vinyls (pretty damaged) had the chance to have a new purpose again – watches, pen holders, notebook covers or lamps. – Find on Instagram – @vinilistic 

Cristina Ilinca – the glass artist has some nice surprises for us. If you want to see how love in glass looks like or how the planets are just perfect to decorate your room… find her designs at Inedithe fair. “Why glass? Because it allows me to encapsulate, in a still moment, the fascinating mystery of life”, the artist said. Find her on Facebook – HERE.

Amos Midas – some pink vibes in pretty clothes. “In a world full of black and grey, I would choose rosé. And emotions”, said the designer about his Spring/Summer 2019 collection. – Find the designs on Instagram – @amosmidas. 

Icrus Florea – the Future collection talks about the importance of the future. “I believe that every present moment was, at some point, future. So live the moment, but do not forget about the future, because it will be the present, soon”, the designer said. Look for the pieces on Instagram @icrusflorea.

Partners:, IQads, Bussiness Circle Romania. 


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