Sustainable luxury: bags from Ministry of Tomorrow, approved by Peta

I have always admired the projects that not only have style, but also have some sustainable elements implied. The sustainable luxury. And, through the last years, fashion world gave us some good examples of involvement. One of them, Ministry of Tomorrow, announced recently the debut of its premier luxury, vegan, unisex bag collection. One included on Peta site (on the selection Buy Once, Keep Forever: These Vegan Fashion Essentials Are Worth Every Penny). 

And the project of MOT ( has all that it takes to catch the attention: beautiful deign of the bags, a very interesting campaign and, of course, the social and eco-friendly lines.


About The Ministry of Tomorrow: Founded in 201, the fashion brand supports environmental and social developments around the world. The bags and the accessories with MOT label are produced in facilities that provide fair wage jobs in impoverished communities. The flagship production facility located in Nairobi, Kenya, just outside of Kibera, Kenya’s largest slum, is Africa’s newest fashion house. The company recruited highly skilled tailors who reside in Kibera and offered them fare wage jobs to work with high quality sustainable materials including; Italian and Japanese animal free leather, 100% certified organic and fair trade cotton from India and low impact dyes accepted for use with organic textiles.

ministry of tomorrow bags

About the new collection: MOT launched its classic collection with four original designs that include: a portfolio, briefcase, cross-body and a backpack. The bags have a slim minimalist exterior and an interior pattern  inspired by Afro Maasai warrior mask. And the campaign is signed Roger Spy. “We design and produce eco-luxury bags for a new audience of conscious consumers. Social, environmental and animal rights activism is at the core of our brand” said Julian Prolman, founder and president of the Ministry of Tomorrow.

ministry of tomorrow bags interior



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