4 discoveries of the month

Still March 2020. Still #home. Therefore, let’s have a look on the wide world web and see what’s new, what’s cool and what we should follow for more. Here they are: my 4 discoveries of the month. One for each week. Stay chill and have fun! 

1. The new Diesel spring collection for 2020. To mention from this one: Second Life line is dedicated to upcycling / recycling way of wearing clothes these days. To be more specific, the items from Second Life sub-collection signed by Diesel are made out of some parts of recycled pieces, put together in order to create a new piece. For example, some pockets are applied on a jacket, creating a new bomber. There are, also, detachable sleeves, long pants that can be transformed into shorts etc. www.diesel.com 

2. The spring/summer eyewear collection by CHANEL. The singer Angèle, the actresses Isabelle Adjani and Margaret Qualley, and the musicians Sébastien Tellier and Pharrell Williams: five artists and five unique creative worlds light up the CHANEL Spring-Summer 2020 eyewear campaign with their aura, photographed by Karim Sadli. Each pair of sunglasses highlights the originality of these inspiring faces. www.chanel.com #CHANELEyewear #CHANELSunglasses (Photo: Karim Sadli)

3. A new Romanian brand, Fereya. Inspired by the transformative effects of premium quality fabrics, the designer has created a collection easy to wear from day to night, from office to dinner party, inviting women “to have fun”. Fereya line includes pieces of silk, with fluid textures, with feminine lines, which can be worn simply or accessorised; blouses with straps can be transformed into office outfits with a long-sleeved blouse, the oversized bows with studs can be detached, the pieces can be worn in different ways – at office and on the street. https://fereya-shop.com // @fereya_atelier // #fereya #fereyaatelier #effortlessfeminity (Styling: Lica Popescu. Photography: Christian Tudose. Make-up: Raluca Crăciun. Model: Maria P., Mandarina Models)

4. A very colourful Instagram account & one cool designer – Mira Mikati. I have always loved her collections, full of colours and fun and I adored her atypical runways at Paris Fashion Weeks (Look here for some ideas) – skateboarders, race circuits, boho parties and jazz singers, all covered up in pink sugar candy balls and minty sodas. Follow her for the inspiration @miramikatistudio. 


Photography: (PR brands) 


#sustainability x 4 in Romanian designs