I have a date with 15 designers at V for Vintage 2018

To be completely honest with you… I have a date with more than 15, because this 21st edition of V for Vintage 2018 will gather, in two days, dozens of talented Romanian designers and I cannot wait to meet them all. I will need a lot of coffee, a better camera, a lot of space in my phone storage and my credit cards. But, until we will meet there (do not try to steal my favourites, I warn you!), here are my first picks. (Photo up: Chemistry) 

V for Vintage – 21st edition – will take place on 10 and 11 of November, at Palatul Telefoanelor, Bucharest. www.vforvintage.ro
This edition will have a special collection, Bianca Popp X V for Vintage.
The design fair will be completed by a special workshop From Trends to Products, with Giovanni Ottonello, the artistic director of Istituto Europeo di Design (IED). 

Designer: Bianca Popp. Photography: Oltin Dogaru.

1. Bianca Popp and her cool urban collection. As always, every piece she designs coms to life once it is worn. My favourites? The long, grey dress and the Japonese-like black coat from the special collection for V for Vintage. (READ an interesting interview with Bianca Popp, about challenges in the fashion world, – here.) https://www.biancapopp.com

bianca popp 

2. Obsidian. Jewelry with intention – that is how is called. And yes, I see the intention – to charm everybody’s heart in a minute with the silver earrings, necklaces and rings. OK, I am charmed. Let’s see the new collection at V for Vintage fair. https://www.obsidian.ro


3. AFMF. I confess that I have never tried one of the brand’s clothes. And that is kind of a premiere for me. But I saw a lot of interesting stuff on my friends, I loved the campaign images. And the motto that says… Aesthetic Freedom/Manufactured for Fun. Keep me a spot at the fair, I will come to try them all. http://www.afmf.ro


4. AEP Jewelry. Pearls and crystals, organic shapes and a lot of jewellery that could change an outfit in a minute. I think that earrings lovers could find their Wonderland in here. https://aepjewelry.com


5. Atribut. For those in search for a cool bag that can go either at work, in holiday or school… the new collection Atribut is perfect. Urban by excellence, Atribut bags are ones to keep season after season, practical & trendy. (READ an interview about the beginnings, with the designer – here). https://www.1statribut.com/ro/


6. What If I Fly. With this brand on the list of designers in 10-11 of November, I think I should let at least one of my credit cards at home. And that’s because I don’t know if I can hold myself back and I won’t burn all the budget at their booth. Just look at this adorable ballerina and her pig friend. (READ an interview with the designers – here) http://whatififly.ro 


7. Chemistry. If I have to imagine the best autumn possible, I will close my eyes and feel the oversized comfy, cozy, warm wool Chemistry sweater around me. Handmade knitted, with some models that recall all the sweet childhood memories and grandma’s tea, the new collection of Chemistry is one to look for at V for Vintage fair. (READ the story of Chemistry brand – here). https://www.chemistry-studio.com


8. Cătălin Onocan – A new name (at least for me). But a promising one, at least I could see in the campaign pictures. I liked a lot the architecture of the bags and their details. Definitely on my “to see” list. https://catalinonocan.com

9. Cloche. Seriously, I have to get out of the house more. I think I missed this one brand and Cloche outfits are pretty. Save me a spot on a dressing room, please. http://cloche.ro 


10. Lemnia. The brand that never stop amaze me with the perfect combination of wood and leather. I saw them at MATERIA and I tried one of their clutches. I advise you to try one, as well: it’s just effortlessly cool. http://atelierlemnia.com 


11. Csilla Tulogdy. From Cluj, with love, comes the young brand. And, as many of UAD graduates, is fresh and cool and ready to rock the world. I will find, for sure, unique pieces, with details that are carefully handcrafted. https://csillatulogdy.com

csilla tulogdy

12. MONOM. I am so so happy that the dear Georgiana is coming to Bucharest. Maybe the weather will not be so good as that one we had in Cluj, when we did an amazing shooting. But for sore the jewellery will be as gorgeous as ever! (SEE the pictures with the Monom jewellery – here). https://monom.studio/ro

13. Framboise. I have always liked their fabrics and the way the outfits flatter everybody’s silhouette. I am still looking for a replacement for that perfect white crisp shirt I saw once in one of their collection. 🙂 (READ a short quiz with these two designers, here). – https://www.framboise.ro


14. Monica Iacovenco. I have to put an reminder on my V for Vintage 2018 agenda to have more time to stay at this brand. The geometrical pieces of jewellery look very good, minimalist and architectural shaped. http://monicaiacovenco.ro

Monica Iacovenco
16. Mark Off. The fall/winter collection is about checks, denim, jersey, patterns and metallic accessories. It is about nature and clothes to feel good in them. To see & to try! https://mark-off.com



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