Gone with the wind – interview with the creators of What If I Fly jewellery 

White bats with big wings, little pigs with a star-painted back, ballerinas, rings and tiny pendants reminding of some happy blue dots on a sunny sky – there are not characters from a fantastic fairytale, but jewellery, signed What If I Fly, just ready to be worn. I talked with Anca Popescu and Anca Negescu, the creative duo behind the brand, about the beginnings and love for porcelain miniatures.


what If i fly ballerina

Porcelain jewellery What If I fly could be found on whatififly.ro, on Instagram account @what_of_i_fly, on www.molecule-f.com and in Molecule-F Concept Store (Promeanda București) 

What If I fly – the jewellery line is name this way because…

“What if I… ?”

“What if I can’t?”

“What if… ?”

“What if I fall?

Oh but my darling, what if you fly?” said Erin Hanson.

What If I Fly, Porcelain Stories, was born from such questions.

It came as an answer in a context where no answer seems certain, palpable. It is an invitation to fly, to float, fully trusting the direction towards which life leads us. (Anca Negescu)

what if i fly

Porcelain because…

Anca Popescu – …  we were a match. This is a simple and honest answer. I love to express myself this way, to create small sized three-dimensional shapes when it comes to jewellery and slightly larger when it comes to sculptures. This is a personal search of that certain “something” that one cannot live without and which one never ceases to look for. It permanently springs from within itself.

jewellery what if i fly

Your journey in fashion world started with… 

A.N. –  … art, love and What If I Fly.

A.P.  – … my love for miniature and turning the real universe of big things and beings into my own tiny universe of miniature things and beings.

humans whjat if i fly

The hardest thing a young designer should face these days is…

A.P. – … to believe in what they do and to have the courage to prove it.

what If I fly alina

The next collection it is going to be about…

A.P. –  … the woman’s body. About how frailty and strength coexist and blend in her, dancing together, creating life and the feminine eroticism.

what if i fly dots

What if I Fly jewellery will tell about the women who wear it?

A.N. – That they are delicate, yet fearless in expressing their personality with elegance and grace.

Old school items that will always inspire me are…

A.N. – … vintage hair accessories and vintage clutch bags.

A.P. –  … old toys.

Alina-what if i fly

The jewellery designer we admire most is… Lydia Courteille. 

The most extravagant thing I wish to design is…

A.P. – … an object that is alive. Creating objects that are alive is the ultimate extravagance and my most beautiful dream.

what if i fly bodies

We need fashion in our life because… 

A.N. – We don’t really need it. But we choose it because we love it and because a girl’s life would be so dull without it. Actually, everybody’s life would be dull without it.

Alina Aliman Anca Negescu

Anca Negescu and Alina Aliman

Anca & Anca – how is the life of a creative duo? 

Anca Negescu is more down to earth.

Anca Popescu is more of a dreamer.

anca popescu si anca negescu

Anca Popescu and Anca Negescu

Photography: Cosmin Gogu / retouching Șerban Vasilescu ; What If I Fly // Jumpsuit: Maria Marinescu, Molecule-F // Flower – @m_flowerlab  


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