The list made out of leather designers

Sometimes, a perfect piece of accessory is enough to change my day. It could be that wonderful bag, perfectly fit with all my needs for a work day (notebooks, laptop and other stuff). Or it might look like that beautiful leather bracelet that finishes a cool outfit for a night out. Maybe I could bet on a weird (and yet special & cool) clutch that could be the moment of distraction on a stressed day. Why not, it could be a leather necklace that cannot be missed. Leather says: Passion, Creativity, Craft, Party, Love, Desire. Leather says anything you might want to say! Therefore, I cannot wait to admire at MATERIA fair the leather designers. And, of course, to see & touch these 5 designers’s works – the list to remember.

Bags, bracelets, jackets, accessories: over 45 designers will present at MATERIA leather fair. 

MATERIA fair – between 4th and 5th of November 2017, at Dalles, Bucharest. Facebook page ov the event – HERE. 

What I cannot wait to see? 

1. First of all, I was so happy to see that MATERIA is going international. This year on the list are Guilia Boccafogli and Maison Dressage from Italy and Christina Karakalpaki from Greece. The leather accessories from Giulia Boccafogli are really cool and this is a stop I want to make first on Saturday.

giulia Boccafogli fashion jewellery

2. The DaDa collection imagined by the scenographer Oana Paunescu, the designer Ioana Covalcic & DaDa team, situated somewhere at the fine line between fashion and movie world.


3. Leather says: Be bold. And leather can be artificial leather and boldness could stay in the attitude of the wearer. Therefore, try on the new pieces for fall/winter 2017/2018 collection of Lucia Olaru.

lucia olaru

4. A rock’n roll outfit deserves a leather bracelet. Wait a minute! Any outfit is perfect with a leather bracelet, especially when is one of the handcrafted bracelets by LIA.


5. A bag is not “just a bag”. And do not let anybody to tell you different! A bag is your personality expression during the day. Today it may be a box, or a book, or a keychain pendant. Anyhow, it is something beautiful, which deserves to be admired, like those ones seen at LEXA.

We need to know about MATERIA 

It might be the third edition, but the fair already meets European designers! This year on the list are Guilia Boccafogli and Maison Dressage from Italy and Christina Karakalpaki from Greece, together with our most creative designers selected from Romania: atribut, LuciaOlaru, Siameza, MOTA, Roncea Sebastian Design, ZIG Leather, Millisimo, Bianca Popp, Vivienne Ruth, snob., DBOL-Design by Oana Lupas, Alexandra Abraham, Otilia Flonta, LUWA, DaDa, LIA Essentials, LEXA, Simina Filat, Atelier437, COLOURS OF MY LIFE, Size 41 Matters, Atelier Nichita, Dia Handmade, Yoko Aida, Laura Olaru, GI Jewellery by Isabela Groza, Karakter, Lucienne’s jewelry, Ana Marchetanu, Lemnia, Oana Vasiloiu, Giuka, – Povestea ta pictată. They will launch the autumn-winter collections and you will most definitely find something to fascinate you.

Created and supported by Autor Platform, MATERIA is the first Romanian leather design fair which aims to become a platform for designers and creators who work primarily with leather. / Facebook page – HERE.

Photography: Facebook pages of brands


The perfect attribute of elegance: an atribut bag