Wonders painted on silk: interview with the designer Claudia Trofimov

Every scarf is different. Because, as the designer Claudia Trofimov said, “My emotions when I paint a new piece are different, too. Each scarf keeps a piece of me, and none of them looks like the other. I see the silk scarf as a canvas in which I can capture some of the wonders of the world we live in.” I talked to Romanian designer Claudia Trofimov about the patterns on her scarves, about how hard very meticulous is to get from silk, brushes and paint to a finite product (from 5 hours to days!) and how she would love to paint, in the future, a haute couture piece. 

Claudia Trofimov pieces are available on Instagram @trofimovclaudiaart, Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/trofimovclaudiart/), Molecule-F Concept Store, no.4 eremia Grigorescu street  (www.molecule-f.com). 

Your first fashion crush story was related to…

… haute-couture designs – to make these pieces it takes a process so complex and so refined, the act of creations counts, not the time, and the details are carefully put in their place. It’s an fashion item that is as elaborate as a piece of art. 

The moodboard for your 2020 collection includes…

… as, always, the flowers, the nature, the sublime in nature surrounding us. But every time I paint a scarf, beside my inclination towards the floral patterns, I have in my mind the person that is meant to be – their preferences, their personality. Now I love to deconstruct flowers – I establish a balance between some given marks and my creativity, inspiration, improvisation. I let the silk to lead me in the process.  

The most extravagant thing you wish to design is… 

… a haute couture piece or a painted kimono. 

The icon pattern that will always be in your collections is… 

… the flowers, I paint them all the time on the delicate silk; they complete perfectly the fabric. For me, the flowers describe multiple faces of life, the possibility and the freedom to blossom. I love all of them – from the mountain flowers to the everyday ones, from the most precious and tough to the most delicate ones.

If your collection is classic movie, this would be…

… a romantic one, as “Roman Holiday” with Audrey Hepburn. 

The perfect TV series for your collection would be…

… one with multiple characters, describing their life and cultures and choices, characters that, in a consumerist and fast-forward world, try return to their individuality, to express their authenticity and to live their own life according to their definition of happiness and mindfulness.

The biggest challenge for a designer nowadays is… 

… to stand out from the crowd, especially in these time; to offer value through creativity, innovation, remaining true to her/his way.

We need fashion in our life because… 

… we have to present ourself, with all our dreams, to put our personality into value, to express our way of living. But the most important thing is that fashion makes you comfortable and confident in ourselves. 

About Claudia Trofimov we should know… 

… I am an admirer of the nature, of unique pieces with a timeless design. I am pleased to see all the fine details of the special items, handcrafted, bearing all their emotional weight. I am a supporter of slow art and I am trying to contribute somehow at this movement through my scarves – they are being transformed into an active art, which support and define the individuality.

Claudia Trofimov & Alina Aliman


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