Nature reloaded in a leather collection – interview with the designer Oana Lupaș

It was hard to put her in the pictures, at MATERIA leather fair. Not because she didn’t want to, but because Oana Lupaș; (aka the designer behind Bol Fashion Of Nature brand) was literally surrounded by clients who wants to try more coats, to know about the fabrics used for the skirts, to buy the embroidered jacket. Therefore, there is no wonder that Oana Lupaș won the Molecule-F prize at MATERIA fair no. 4. And, soon enough, her Cluj-made pieces will travel all over the country. I talked to the designer about beginnings, inspiration and new projects. 

Oana Lupaș is the winner of Molecule-F prize at MATERIA fair no. 4.,

MATERIA #4 - Leather Design FairPhoto Credit: Ionuț Dobre

Leather because…

First of all, it’s a real challenge to work with natural leather. And that’s because this does not feel or look like any other fabric. On the other hand, this leather collection appeared as an experimental play. Few years ago, I wanted very much a leather designer product, and I couldn’t find it anywhere. So… I have decided to do it myself. I bought some leather, I made some sketches, I put out my very first leather designer product. Made by me, for me. 🙂 Therefore, since then, every year I launch a capsule collection with natural leather pieces. 

How leather clothes and sustainability can work together?

A natural leather product is atemporal. Every year you can reinvent it, you can mix it with new products. A leather jacket is like a story that you tell with more details and other twist every season. 

MATERIA #4 - Leather Design FairPhoto Credit: Ionuț Dobre

The collection that will be presented at MATERIA was inspired by…

… tropical plants and exotic birds.

The biggest challenge for a designer nowadays is…

… to imagine outfits and collections that have a real, authentic story behind them. And, of course, to find the right niche of consumers you can sell to. A big challenge is, also, to survive financially in a society that still needs some more aesthetic education. 

Your best personal fashion moment was…

… every moment, every launch, every collection brought me more and more emotions and happy memories. 

MATERIA #4 - Leather Design FairPhoto Credit: Ionuț Dobre

The favourite season/city/music for inspiration are… 

… the summer, with sun & sea. Paris. For music, depends on the mood. 

The icon piece in your collections will always be…

… the coat. I love designing coats. 

About Oana Lupas, on short…

Oana Lupas – is the designer of Bol Fashion Of Nature brand. Bol Fashion Of Nature shows my personal perspective on life, it is a visual story that talks about the beauty of the fabrics & embroideries, about the ability to reinterpret nature through needle stitches and  sustainability. 

MATERIA #4 - Leather Design FairPhoto Credit: Ionuț Dobre

Alina Aliman & Oana Lupaș

Photography: Ionuț Dobre


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