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Take a walk on a wild side: Flash Jewels & Flash Tattoos 

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I have to say that I made quite of a sensation when I appeared, in a casual Friday afternoon, with a big black skull & roses tattoo on my left hand. “OMG! This is for real?” I was asked, in a second. “Was it painful?” And all the fuss was not because I do not look like the kind of person that get tattooed. I wanted several times to do that, but I was just afraid that I would get bored of the drawing. It was not because (just by chance) I was in the perfect place to show the tattoo around – a retro car rally gathering.

flash tattoos jewels

My arms were examined for a dozen of times that day – thanks God I stick to gym classes!. And the conclusion was simple as that – the tattoo from Flash Tattoos applied by Carmen Arhire (the designer behind Flash Jewels and Flash Tattoo brands) on my hand looked so real. And it is just easy to wear, without the forever and ever tension of changing my body look. As for me… I was happy. For a weekend, I was the rock’n roll high-school girl again. How the business has started? What are the most liked jewels? Find out from the interview below, from Carmen Arhire, general manager Flash Jewels.

The jewellery & the tattoos are available on www.flashtattoos.rowww.flashjewels.ro. And on www.molecule-f.com.  

flash tattoos jewels earring

Flash Jewels because… jewels were always my passion.

The first piece Flash Jewels (ever) was… a bracelet, the MoodBracelet. That is a simple, casual, yet very interesting piece because it has different messages that can reflect your mood. The messages are picked up from our Romanian folklore and they are meant to represent everybody, from funny to serious, from romantic to wise. (Young & Restless, There is Nothing Without Love, Still Waters Run Deep – there are just some examples.)

flash jewels

The hardest thing at the beginning of this business was… finding the means to transform my dream into reality. Since I don’t have a background as a jeweller it was even harder to find somebody that can make our jewels (as I imagined them) using good quality materials.

Inspiration quotes (funny quotes) that you like… I don’t really have an inspiration quote but I can find myself in many, mostly if they refer in some way to food and being late. 🙂 But my real inspiration in life is my mother and I found a saying that says it all: “sometimes it takes balls to be a woman”.

Alina Aliman Carmen Arhire

Flash jewels back

The most asked message (from your clients) is…”Books don’t raise children, mothers do”.

A temporary tattoo because… they are versatile, just like the most of us. Therefore, you can express yourself in so many ways and you can style your outfits with some temporary tattoos to complete your look, but you don’t have to commit for life. Flash Tattoos has become an accessory that you must have in your wardrobe just like earrings or belts.

flash jewels necklace

flash tattoo

We need beautiful jewellery in our life because… we need beautiful jewellery in our life. No “because” involved. 🙂

The music perfect for your jewellery would be… all of it! Our jewellery addresses your every mood.

Alina Aliman Carmen Arhire flash tattoos

The most extravagant jewellery you want to make is… a secret yet! Wait for it! 😉

We could find Flash Jewels products on… everyone, our clients are from all areas, Mihaela Schwarzenberg, Andra, Delia, Andreea Esca to the man I saw one week ago in front of me at the cashier at H&M. Our jewels are very affordable to everyone.

flash jewels bracelet

What is next? We are working on a new, very bold, badass collection that we will launch at the beginning of the next year. It’s hard to keep up with both, Flash Tattoos and Flash Jewels, the tattoos always come first but our jewels are my small baby that grows slow but pretty. :))

About you, Carmen, on short… I am happy.

Alina Aliman & Carmen Arhire

Photography: Răzvan Sut @instafaimos


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