PANDORA Regal Tales at Paris Fashion Week 

A big black coffee. A little bit of sun. Paris. And the most beautiful pieces of jewellery from PANDORA Regal Tales collection. This is all I needed to have the perfect days in Paris, even instead of majestic Versailles I chose the hectic schedule of a Fashion Week. And that’s because I don’t need an army and a castle to be a princess; nowadays, a cool scooter, an edgy look and some beautiful Fairy Tales jewellery will do the job.

pandora fashion week

You could find PANDORA fall 2018 collection in PANDORA stores and on,

pandora bracelets


What did I loved in the new PANDORA Regal Tales collection? 

First of all, the rings. Have I told you that I had a thing for Arabella’s ring from the TV series? I have always imagined that the magical ring that fulfils all the wishes has to be big, in silver, with a big violet stone on top. Well… as the central piece of PANDORA Regal Tale collection, a ring that is finished in the form of a branch adorned with hearts around a stone with a caboose cut in majestic shades of royal purple. Just perfect for a fashion magic.

pandora rings

pandora ring regal tales

Secondly, the necklaces. Who want the keys of a fashion kingdom? Just kiddin’ here, but I had to admit that the key necklace has a little bit of mystery in it. And that is because he new PANDORA collection for fall 2018 combines the most elegant pieces, inspired by old boudoir royal stories, with a bit of magic and some sparkles.

pandora necklace

pandora necklace key

Thirdly, the earrings of this collection – feathers, stones that sparkle into the night, big hoops. I think I was happier than ever that my hair is shorter now. Why… why? The mystery of the new models from PANDORA fall 2018 collection should be revealed.

pandora earrings

pandora earring ring

And… I cannot forget the charms. The emblematic PANDORA pieces come now in a modern reinterpretation of some royal ornaments, embellished with some central pieces or crystals.

pandora charms

pandora charms

About Pandora… 

The company has started in 1982 in Copenhagen, Denmark. The modern and cool jewellery by PANDORA are distributed in more than 100 countries worldwide, in over 7.700 sale points, including 2.400 concept stores.,


Photography: PANDORA,


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