Porcelain garden: interview with the designer of Atelierul de Portelan 

She’s very determined. And focused. And she’s very, very nice and kind, and she talks with such a passion about her work and all the objects that are coming to life from her hands. Mihaela Cherciu, the designer behind Atelierul de Portelan brand, said that it is important to do whatever you love in life. Therefore, in the last 3 years, she chose to show to the world her delicate and intriguing pieces made out of porcelain. I fell in love with a pear ring and the enormous laced apples.

Atelierul de Portelan pieces could be found… in Molecule-F store, Mall Promenada, (www.molecule-f,com) at Dacia 24 store and Atelierul de Portelan, Bd. Gh. Sincai. During weekend we are on design fairs. And on www.atelieruldeportelan.ro.

atelierul de portelan porcelain

Porcelain pieces because… it has a certain delicacy and a touch of preciosity is growing within it, during the process – from the moulding to the final burning in the oven.

Your love story with fashion & design has started with… a friend that insisted to do this together, three years ago. Then she dropped the project, but somehow I felt like I like it a lot, so I stayed, and day after day I think this activity fits me perfect.

atelierul de portelan magnolia

atelierul de portelan earrings

The most happiest moment of Atelierul de Portelan business was… this year, when I was selected for AUTOR International Jewelry Fair. I have presented there Grandma’s Ghost (Fantoma bunicii) collection.

This season collections of Atelierul de Portelan (jewellery and deco) are about… grandma’s ghost. I combined old pieces of lace from my grandmother with white porcelain fruits that I made. In the end, the whole ensemble is covered with gold and platinum.

atelierul de portelan brooch

atelierul de portelan white

If your designs could play the leading roles in a classic fairytale, this would be… the golden apples from Praslea cel Voinic (Romanian fairytale) or the apple from SnowWhite, or they could play along in a story about the Snow Queen. Definitely something delicate, frozen, gracious, translucent.

The most extravagant thing you wish to design is… a porcelain piece of clothing. With all the details that implies. Maybe this dream has something to do with the fact I have a degree in Fashion Design.

atelierul de portelan ring

atelierul de portelan earring

Your collection will always include… objects moulded after real fruits and flowers. I had a series that has evolved and developed. I think I won’t ever give up “poricale” (an archaic term for fruits – our note).

What is next? Christmas collection and AUTOR 2019.

About you, on short… I started my artistic journey when I was 10 years old and I tried everything, from drawing to painting and fashion designer. After I have graduated Art Academy, Fashion Design, I worked in scenography and I was fashion editor. After a while I opened an art gallery (I was busy with this project for 10 years) and in 2015 I’ve switched to porcelain and Atelierul de Portelan was born.

mihaela cherciu alina aliman

Mihaela Cherciu & Alina Aliman

Photography: Cristina Nicsulescu


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