Jewelry League: 10 designers to see at Romanian Jewelry Week 2022

Imagine that you are in a huge candy factory. Or in the Willy Wonka chocolate wonderland, if you want. Only with rings, necklaces, earrings, brooches and all the jewelry pieces that you have ever imagined. Yep, you have landed in the most wonderful jewelry world. And its name is Romanian Jewelry Week 2022. Thank me, I made your choice a little bit easier: I have selected already the 10 designers to see at Romanian Jewelry Week 2022. 

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The third edition of Romanian Jewelry Week – between 5-9 October 2022. At National Romanian Library (Biblioteca Națională a României) and 5 others locations. 
The event: jewelry fairs, exhibitions, conferences, guided tours and others. More on Tickets from and in Flanco and Diverta stores.
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Alis Lalu – @alis.lalu

What jewelry means to you? 

I believe that jewelry comes from the need of self-expression, both for the maker and the wearer. My relationship with jewelry making is very close. Looking back on my trajectory, I realise that I discovered this call when I was ready to change my life, at the perfect moment. Somehow, I believe that jewelry making chose me and not the other way around.

Every piece I make has its own story, starting with the creative idea, the stone or the pigment I use and finishing with the marks each piece leaves on my hands while working on it. My creations have intricate details and reflect a special attention to craftsmanship.

I wish that my pieces be worn by those who perceive jewelry as a form of expressing themselves, not just as an accessory. From minimalist to extravagant, my goal is for my creations to truly express the personalities of my clients.

Alis Lalu

What is the message of the collection presented at RJW 2022? 

Inspiration comes from everything around me and sometimes in the most unexpected moments. I find inspiration in the city, in my surroundings or in the people I meet. Skyline collection is an urban tale about a city that meets the sky. All the pieces in this collection are made from silver or gold with ebony wood or precious and semiprecious stones.

Alis Lalu Skyline necklace

Andreea Carastoian –

What jewellery means to you?

Now, to me, jewelry seems and feels like disclosing intimacy. My creations define this moment of my life, my character and evolution.

Andreea Carastoian

What is the message of the collection presented at RJW 2022? 

“x2, x3’’ collection introduces bronze to my jewelry bringing a warm shade to the established silver-concrete combination.

Andreea Carastoian ring

Anita Polici – @anita.polici

What jewellery means to you?

From my perspective, a jewel can be perceived as an extension of our body that is conveying emotions which we hold within ourselves.

Anita Polici

What is the message of the collection presented at RJW 2022?

The theme used when creating the collection was the adaptability to social environments and the need of finding balance between our inner world and the outer world. Also, I have used the layers as a symbol of personalities that we “put on” in order to fit in from a social point of of view.

Anita Polici Vertebral Colum Necklace

Georgiana Ciceo –

What jewellery means to you? 

If we talk about jewellery as the art of making it – for me, making jewellery is very similar to architecture. I am an architect and the creative process is very similar for me. I need to understand who will wear our jewellery, what kind of people they are, what interests they have, what they like, how they live. After the idea comes and the concept takes shape I try to build the jewellery in accordance or, in some cases, in contrast with the context. In architecture, the city is the context, in jewellery making, the human body is. If we talk about the jewellery pieces, I would say that, for me,  they are wearable sculptures. Even more, about the monom pieces, born from the mind of an architect and inspired by my background, I say that they are wearable architectures.

What is the message of the collection presented at RJW 2022? 

The pieces presented at RJW 2022 are part of our LABYRINTH Collection. 
It is about the way we each build walls around us, which often turn into our own labyrinths. Sometimes we build them just to have a place to keep to ourselves. Sometimes we build them to hide. 
Or to stay safe. To escape. To find ourselves. 
Which one is yours?

(Photo credits: Denisa Coman)

Horia Caltea – @horiacaltea.jewellery

What jewelry means to you?

For me, quite simply, jewelry is a visual art which creates an adornment / an accessory that helps the one who wears it to define their personality. Or at least, that’s how I feel it should be.

What is the message of the collection presented at RJW 2022? 

This collection is the transformation. In a period where everything happens too fast, so, transformations occur, I choose to transform objects or parts of them in order to create decorative objects (jewelry). Through this, changing the utility and the aspect of the initial objects. On the other hand, the process of creation itself is a transformation, namely, reshaping my thoughts and ideas into reality.

Irina Amza – @ingerisizmei

What jewellery means to you?

A jewel for me isn’t about precious materials and stones it is a state of mind, a statement. It is democratic design, art for all… it’s a link between creator and those who choose to wear artist’s statement… doing this choice they will add more value to this statement object by their personality and actions.

What is the message of the collection presented at RJW 2022?

This collection is called “Marble’s dreams”. I started from the desire to create jewelry with texture and colours found in different variations of marble but which are as light as porcelain having at the same time a homogeneity and quite high resistance to cracking and breaking, characteristics common to both materials. The main message that I want to convey through this collection is that the state of matter is reversible, even marble can transform its state of aggregation, and the state we perceive is only an appearance, on its long way to perfection.

Irina Amza – Meringue ring

Lore Mateiuc – @lore_mateiuc_jewelry

What jewellery means to you?

Making jewellery feels like I’m in a big playground where I see myself playing for the rest of my life. One of the most extraordinary forms of creation and for me as an artist it provides immense freedom when designing. My creations can resemble a sculpture, a small piece of easel canvas, a metaphor from a poem, a tribute to nature or a strong manifest.

What is the message of the collection presented at RJW 2022?

“Force of Fragility” is a metaphor attributed to nature’s willingness to always win. It’s about overcoming harsh environments created by man, a contradiction of strength and fragility, power and purity.
The concept was: “A drop of water, a trickle of light, a bit of soil sometimes is enough for a seed to flourish even in the harshest environments. The beauty of a small plant growing out of a crack of a wall, fragile yet forceful, it’s a kind of hope that nature will overcome man’s thirst for profit and gain because our planet is suffocating. Scorching hot summers and an accelerated and imminent global warming, we are getting dangerously close to irreversible changes in our lives.There is still hope in nature’s power to always find a way and we can help by being more and more aware of the way we live and the impact we have on our planet.”

Lore Mateiuc – ring Force of Fragility

Loredana Cleja – FB –

What jewellery means to you?

Jewelry creation (concept and build) is a great way to give shape to ideas in close contact with the human body.

What is the message of the collection presented at ROJW 2022?

The collection “Re-think, Re-build” is centred on the idea of opening a discussion about finding the best way to use alternative resources for a sustainable life style. The items in the collection are  made from materials repurposed from construction sites or from older jewelry pieces, and fragments of wood and stone found in the mountains or on the seaside.

Lucian Popescu –

What jewellery means to you?

For me, jewelry is a form of experimenting with sculpture, seeking the perfect blend of fluid natural shapes with human anatomy.

What is the message of the collection presented at RJW 2022? 

This collection is inspired by the idea of reflections on the self-nature, self reflection.

Silvia Cruceru – @contemplativjewellery

What jewellery means to you?

For me, a piece of jewelry is not worn. You wear it to let yourself be carried into its world. It is more than just an accessory which enhances a fashion context. It is a sign, creating new, unexpected relationships.

What is the message of the collection presented at ROJW 2022?

The concept of my collection – “The Persistence of Memory”. In the nostalgia of the great stages of life, its fleeting moments go unnoticed. But life is in fact composed of all these volatile moments: insignificant, planned, but also unexpected, abrasive, concealed in the less alluring appearance of precariousness.The beauty of life is not always lucid, static or crystallised in its own beauty. Beauty bears the melancholic mark of the pinnacle and decay of our history.