My morning (body) routine

I won’t say anything about my coffee in the morning (even I could talk for hours on this subject), I won’t even mention my 15 minutes of flipping the magazines (my guilty pleasure). My morning routine starts, actually, with some… body cream. It’s a simple math: almost every morning starts with the sport hour (swimming, running or, lately, Pilates). Therefore, the first thing used from the beauty kit will be, of course, the body cream. And, as long as my skin is so dehydrated after the sport hours and so dry after an hour spent in the pool, I need a very soft & quickly absorbed body cream. Like… a soufflé. Or Human+Kind Body Soufflé.

Lightly whipped for the Ultimate in Kindness, Human+Kind’s 2-in-1 light and fluffy Body Soufflé (, is wonderful. It is quickly absorbed to leave my skin feeling super moisturised and soft to the touch. And that is important, as long as I am always in a hurry to leave the gym. It is very airy and almost feels like a cooling gel. This allows you to easily smear him and he is easily absorbed by the skin, while you clearly feel that he is well hydrating. Then, the Apricot Kernel Oil helps to keep skin hydrated without leaving an oily feel and helps to keep skin supple and soft. Human+Kind Body Soufflé is also enriched with Shea butter to help the skin to retain moisture. As a plus? It is a beauty product with conscience, kind to the environment.

Human+Kind Body Soufflé

Skincare with a conscience 

Human + Kind provides effective skincare solutions that are natural, simple, and affordable and used in everyone’s daily regime.

It’s about Skincare with a Conscience- Kind to Humans, Animals (no animal testing), and to the Environment.

To make the world a better place one household at a time by making products that are environmentally and socially responsible and by using the company as a platform to make a difference by giving back to communities and the environment.

Human+Kind Ltd was established in 2011 in Cork, Ireland. The company offers over 30 products that are all based on natural ingredient platforms (


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