Rolling in leather: an interview with the young designer Alexandra Liliac and a collection with a rebel vibe

 I will start with a little secret: I’ve always wanted to ride a motorbike. Two reasons stopped me: I love cars too much (yep, that is true) and I couldn’t find a nice & fashionable motorbike suit. Well, maybe the last part could be solved now – the young designer Alexandra Liliac, from Timișoara Fashion School 2022 generation has just presented a collection that might be the answer – Rolling in leather. I had to try it, right?! 

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Alexandra Liliac – Rolling in leather – @bat_alexandra

Why this collection? How was the mood-board that had inspired it?

It was something personal, because I always had a passion for motorcycles and scooters, dreaming of learning how to ride one and the cool clothes I would wear at that moment. In the last year, I got more courage being a passenger and now I’m thinking about getting my license. That idea made me search for the proper costume, all I was seeing was manly and as a woman, I wanted something more feminine, a waist accent or a different cut for the sleeves, a thing that can protect you but still look good and make you a badass. So in my mood board, we can find the feminine side of the motorcycle, the lines that follow the form of the body, some zippers that give us a hint about the spot of the protections, and an empowered woman vibe.

The hardest part in the process was… (the idea, the drawings, the making etc). Why?

Definitely, the making, because it’s made from 3 different types of faux leather and a little bit of knit.

How was it to be in a fashion school almost without fashion shows (in pandemic years)?

It was sad, we all worked so much and had so many amazing ideas and designs but we could only post them online or show them to our teachers, family and friends.

What is the most important lesson you have learnt in these school years at Fashion Design University?

Despite every difficulty you may find on your way, never give up and always stay positive because the outcome will deserve all the effort you put into it and the universe will show you love and a lot of blessings. You will never know what’s next for you if you stop.

Your first love encounter with the fashion world was…

As a kid, I always got to cut my clothes and mix them. Just by cutting and playing with the colours and textures, I would have new items. Since that moment I have always dreamed about transforming people’s personalities and emotions into their clothes. But my goal was to be practical like a dress with hidden pockets.

The designer you will always love…

… Vera Wang.

The piece that will always be in your future collections will be…

I think pants because I’m all about practicality and they can go from a slim waist to an over-size one or they can be from tight to wide giving a skirt-like vibe.

The trend you hate is…

I really hate the split-toe trend, it’s gives me goosebumps.

What is next for you?

I want to go further with concepts for new collections, get a master’s degree and learn more about having and maintaining a business for the future.

About you, we should know…

I’m a very determinate and passionate human being who wants to make unique and practical clothes that can express the personalities of people that come to me.

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