In fashion we trust: the collections that I liked at MDVTM Fashion Gala 2022

I think it was pretty hard for the young designers to get over those two last years with no galas, no fashion shows and (almost) no fashion festivals to see and present their works in. And I believe that only meant more emotions and more pressure 🙂 for the graduates of 2022 Timișoara Fashion School, West University (MDVTM). I saw a lot of passion, some cool ideas and some interesting cuts and layerings in those 14 collections. What did I like? Scroll down for pictures from MDVTM Fashion Gala 2022.

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One of my favourites (and I have to admit that I cheated a bit – I saw some pieces in the backstage and I loved them since there) was the collection from Liliac Maria-Alexandra – ”Rolling in leather” (Coordinator: lec. Univ. dr. Cristina Lazăr). Maybe because I love motorsports, but for sure because I think it is pretty hard to work with leather and to give the motorbikes clothes a fashionable twist. Stay tuned for a special shooting with this designer clothes. 

Liliac Maria-Alexandra – ”Rolling in leather”

The second one was Breje Florin-Darius – ”Home” (Coordinator: lect. Asoc. dr. Corina Mutu). I liked a lot the folk inspiration and the embroideries on the collection’s pieces. A mix of traditions and progressive ideas, simple & complex at the same time. Stay tuned for a special shooting with this designer clothes. 

Breje Florin-Darius – ”Home”

The third collection that picked my attention was that one by Popa Mara-Elena – ”Scars” (Coordinator: lect. Univ. dr. Sandra Chira). Take your broken heart, make it into art – that was the message and the collection was a very well-put one, coherent and with a touching message. ”Scars” is about a collection of stories, feelings and emotions, an homage to scars – the point of inspiration is the designer’s own story mixed into the Japanese technique Kintsugi (embracing the imperfections and repairing them with gold foils). 

Popa Mara-Elena – ”Scars”

But these aren’t the only collections that I liked. I admired the kimono-like dresses and themes from Airinei Maria-Patricia collection – ”Deep Ink”. I liked a lot the idea (and the colourful clothes) from Naslău Oana – ”Art Color” (Coordinator: lec. Univ. dr. Cristina Lazăr). I saw an interesting approach in Gheorghiță Ovidiu-Valentin collection – ”Not sorry about your fragile masculinity” (Coordinator: conf. Univ. dr. Andreea Palade-Flondor), a touch of glamour surrealism in the city in Măduța Alexandra – ”City of dreams” collection (Coordinator: lec. Univ. dr. Cristina Lazăr) and some beautiful coats with traditional motifs in Roșu-Ciobanu Andrada – ”Mignonette” collection (Coordinator: lect. Univ. dr. Sandra Chira). 

Airinei Maria-Patricia – ”Deep Ink” 
Naslău Oana – ”Art Color”
Gheorghiță Ovidiu-Valentin – ”Not sorry about your fragile masculinity” 
Măduța Alexandra – ”City of dreams” 
Roșu-Ciobanu Andrada – ”Mignonette”

The collections were full of social and emotional messages. To be marked: Pașcalău Claudiu-Raul collection – ”Missing File: Emotion.ddl” (Coordinator: lect. Univ. dr. Sandra Chira) – about the emotions seen as a computer virus that may destroy everything -, in Petrariu Andrada-Maria – ”Cut me in half” collection (Coordinator: lect. Asoc. dr. Corina Mutu) – an attempt of responding at ”Who am I” question – or in Popa Mălina collection – ”Follw the white rabbit” (Coordinator: lect. Univ. dr. Sandra Chira), a message about bullying and recovery. 

Pașcalău Claudiu-Raul – ”Missing File: Emotion.ddl”
Petrariu Andrada-Maria – ”Cut me in half”
Popa Mălina – ”Follw the white rabbit”

Rus Robert-Andrei in ”Escape – Protect My Soul!” (Coordinator: lect. Univ. dr. Eugenia Riemschneider) imagines a fictional character, at the border of normality and fantasy, while Tănasie Evelina, in ”Brave Old Time” collection (Coordinator: lect. Asoc. dr. Corina Mutu) reinvents the old uniforms from the 40s. The gala was closed by Vișovan Anamaria-Mihaela – ”Clash on Perfection” (Coordinator: lect. Univ. dr. Sandra Chira) that put into balance the beauty ideals of the contemporary world. 

Rus Robert-Andrei – ”Escape – Protect My Soul!” 
Tănasie Evelina – ”Brave Old Time”
Vișovan Anamaria-Mihaela – ”Clash on Perfection”

Photography: (c) MDVTM 2022 Gala.