Paris is always a good idea. Chanel Paris-Paris perfume, a better one

For me, Paris it will always be related to the first romantic stroll in Marais, to the (every time) visit to Pompidou, the Christmas evening next to Tour Eiffel and… the smell of vanilla & strawberry crepes and cafe au lait in Saint Germain. From now, also with the new Paris-Paris perfume from Chanel, just launched this summer. 

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LES EAUX DE CHANEL collection features six fresh fragrances: Paris-Biarritz, paris-Deauville, Paris-Venise, Paris-Riviera, Paris-Edimbourg.
The perfumes are available exclusively in Chanel Esaoce Beauté (Băneasa Shopping City). (, 

Chanel Paris-Paris perfume is all about… 

… a vibrant olfactory journey imbued with freshness and lightness.

“With Paris-Paris, I created a sparkling floral composition inspired by the effortless elegance of Parisian women”, says the perfumier Olivier Polge. It is the Paris of our dreams, one that has been idealised through fleeting images. The allure and inimitable style of the Parisian women. A leisurely morning spent at the terrace of a Parisian café. A fresh, spicy rose with natural, elegant charm.

… to embody the essence of this new destination, Olivier Polge chose to use Damascena rose, a rose full of character that reveals a multitude of facets, which are bolstered by fresh citrus accents and heightened by the sharpness of pink peppercorn extract and an elegant patchouli base. 

… the thin, lightweight glass bottle reveals a rose-colored fragrance inspired by the glistening stone facades of Parisian buildings in the early morning sun. It is topped with a black bio-based cap engraved with a double C.

Les Eaux de Chanel 

Paris is always a point of departure. And each of Eau de Chanel is a journey rooted in feelings, memories and emotions. Inspired by the places that were significant to Gabrielle Chanel during her lifetime, Les Eaux de Chanel collection features six fresh fragrances that offer an escape and invite you on a journey.  “I was inspired by the destinations that have a strong connection to CHANEL. Each of them has left its mark on one of these fragrances” explains Olivier Polge, CHANEL’s In-House Perfumer-Creator.

Having followed the paths of PARIS-BIARRITZ, PARIS-DEAUVILLE and PARIS-VENISE in 2018, enjoyed a sunny getaway with PARIS-RIVIERA in 2019, and set off on an adventure to the Scottish moors with PARIS-ÉDIMBOURG in 2021, CHANEL has dreamed up a new journey in 2022: PARIS-PARIS.

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