UNArte 2022: young designers to see

In fashion, autumn is not the season when the talents are counted. End of the summer puts on display the new generations of young designers from all fashion universities. Some of them are good, some of them are… just simple (or maybe unfinished), some of them promise the authors a bright future on the fashion scene. Overall, a lot of young designers to see. And UNArte 2022 was the first fashion gala of the season.

43 collections were presented at UNArte 2022 fashion gala this summer. And, from the pictures (thanks for them, @focal_pixel!) I saw a lot of mise-en-scène – as usual here, at UNArte –  some very well put together collections, some attempts to impress (too much!) and a lot of good ideas, unfinished totally yet. 

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My favourites? Well, there were 5 of them:

Vanitas, by Lucas Theodor Tobosaru – I liked the volumes and the interesting association of fabrics, colours and patterns. And I admired the transition from simple tones to complicated patterns.  

Nuum by Andreea Căldăruș – Interesting approach of volumes and structures. I liked the oversized puffer jackets. 

Forme by Mariana Vieru – A little bit of ethereal deconstructed items, with a bit of inspiration from Iris van Herpen (and that is not a bad thing). Black and white with a retro twist concerning the makeup and hairstyle. 

Diletante by Medeea Lupșa – Loved the fabrics reminding me of a English castle and its countesses and princesses). A good approach of head accessories and a coherent collection in all. 

Fine Dinning by the Cabine Group – Simple but yet cool, with ready-to-wear pieces for any time and occasion. The blazers, the dresses, the pants suits – all good and nice. 

Look below for the others collections presented at UNArte 2022 fashion gala: 

Alexandra Vlase
Alice Bîlă
Alice Vijan
Alina Codin
Alina Cristea
Amos Midas
Ana Olingheru
Andrei Goudarzi
Andreia Zamfirescu
Angela Bilișică
Beatrice Ungureanu
Bianca Grigorescu
Cristina Dronca
David Dumitrescu
Denisa Bărbuceanu
Diana Posmosanu
Diana Sbîrciog
Evelin Niunin
Flaviana Isachi
Floarea Popescu
Ioana Sirbu
Iren Mocianu
Irina Corlătescu
Iulia Vlejoancă
Maria Ioana Ciobanu
Maria Scărlatăscu
Mark Caraian
Mia Elisabeta Benția
Mirela Baicu
Narcisa Iftimuț
Raluca Mihai
Ramona Bizbac
Robert Moraru
Roberta Miloș
Roland Gundisch
Teodora Damian
Teodora Muscalu

Photo credit: @focal_pixel. 
Models: @murmodels @apmodelsmanagement.
Hairstyle & make-up: @atelierele_ilbah.