Racing on high heels: interview with Walter de Silva about his first shoe collection

What if Lamborgini Egoista or Audi R8 would be a pair of shoes, what would it has been? Well, now we got our answer. The newest (and the sexiest, I might say) collection of shoes comes this season from Walter de Silva, one of the most well known car designers.

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Walter De Silva first collection of evening shoes “Noir Extreme” is launched at Paris Fashion Week these days and it looks sensational. “I wanted to do something different. To make an entire collection dedicated to special occasion, to red carpet moments. Shoes meant to be worn at night. Sexy and powerful at the same time”, the designer Walter de Silva told me at his Parisian launch of his collection, at Ritz Hotel.

Walter de Silva collection of shoes
And the shoes are pretty awesome: first I have noticed the elegance of the noir shades (yes, shades, from matte dark black to lizard shinny black and charcoal black). Then, I saw the heels: the W details onto the platform and the perfect architecture of the structure. Very light and easy to wear, even the heels were made of steel. “I made this model out of carbon fibre: it is soft, flexible and easy to wear. I think we have now an amazing technology to use. I intend to make my own pattern of carbon fibre”, Walter de Silva explained, while I was looking at the amazing pumps and stilettos and peep-toe shoes and sexy strapped sandals. “Almost entire collection is black – with orange interior, a tribute to my loved country, Italy – because black is elegant, smart. Black is the zero point”, said the designer.

Walter de Silva shoes collection
Walter de Silva’s shoes for women, their forms, contain the great designer’s entire universe: his story, his family, his signature design and his elegant cars. Timeless proportions for dreamed beauty. And they are made in Italy, in collaboration with Sergio and Gianvito Rossi. “I will sell them online, because we have to take all the advantages from the new technology. But, if I will have a concept store offline, I would love to stay in it. To have a permanent contact with the clients, because I think this is very important”, said Walter de Silva.

Walter de Silva worked as a car designer for Fiat, Alfa, Volkswagen Group – he designed, among others, Lamborgini Egoista, Audi R8, Audi 5 and Q5,, Alfa 156, Volkswagen CC, Up, Scirocco, SEAT León.

Alina Aliman & Walter de Silva

Alina Aliman & Walter de Silva

Photography: (c) courtesy of Walter de Silva,




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