NEYRA: a different kind of fashion show

“The elegant clothes must be as comfortable as the casual ones”, said to me the designer Corina Boboc, at the end of the show that revealed her latest collection, NEYRA. Therefore, no wonder that you can dance and run and play and jump in her pieces, as those five actresses playing the supermodels for this fashion show had already proved it. (CLICK on the gallery above, for more pictures)

The performance included a professional photographer (Ionuț Staicu), five professional, young and loved actresses (Aylin Cadîr, Alexandra Poiana, Crina Semciuc, Flavia Hojda, Olimpia Melinte) and one super percussionist Lucian Maxim (form Romanian National Radio Orchestra).

Neyra collection actresses Corina Boboc

“This is not a fashion show”, the young designer Corina Boboc said. “This is a manifesto and I wanted to bring people closer to the fashion shows, to get them behind the scene. And I wanted to do that as a performance. I wanted to erase the official line between the models on the catwalk and the public”, said the designer (alumni of UNAB Fashion Design and student at the master programme of UNAB, Scenography).

Neyra collection Corina Boboc designer

Read an interview with the designer Corina Boboc. 

Photography: Ionuț Staicu, Marian Adochiței

Hair: Mihai Badin, George Negrisan. Make-up: Ayfer Cadîr. Shoes: Musette.(

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