7 lovely summer beach pieces

A summer swimsuit will never be… just a summer swimsuit. New colours, new shapes, new names are on the summer page every year. I will make my daydreaming until holiday a little more productive, and get in on the 7 beach pieces ahead—before they take over my Instagram feed.

Ibiza, Santorini, St Tropez, Mykonos, St Barths… I would need a different swimsuit in my beach journey around the world, wouldn’t I? Mojo Beach is a luxury resort wear brand, created by Mariana Jammal Bassatne which will be perfect for the trip. https://www.mojobeachwear.com (photo up, as well) 

lookbook mojo beach

Milanese designer Michela Occhetto’s love of fashion and seaside has found creative expression in the making of a world of beachwear: Mimì à la mer. I just love the swimsuits with painted green leafs and the caftan covered in birds wings. http://www.mimialamer.com

mimi a la mer

mimi a la mer

A day on the beach is not about sunscreen and sunbeds. For the chilly evening, for the lunch breaks and for all those moments when I need something more than a swimsuit, here is a new brand in town, Mare di Latte. Stéphanie de Peretti  is the designer of the Franch chic brand form where I intend to make a long list with dresses, kimonos, caftans and more. http://www.maredilatte.com/fr/



Levi’s body in white, blue and red is not just for the beach. I would keep one in my holiday luggage for summer festivals or for a colourful cocktail on a beach. Knowing me… I will pair it with a perfect boot cut blue jeans. Levi’s 501, of course. www.levi.com

levis body

A weekend at the pool could be easily transformed in an adventure an exotic island with the pieces from Tatiana de Freitas. I do love black and white clothes, but in the summer I cannot resist to the ice cream colours of swimsuits of the French brand.  https://tatianedefreitas.com


tatiane de freitas

The collaboration of the summer comes from H&M, who launches (on 9th August) its first ever collaboration with a lingerie brand – the Amsterdam-based Love Stories (created in 2013 by Marloes Hoedeman, and known for their eclectic prints, mix-and-match approach and comfortable designs). https://about.hm.com/en.html



No destination rhymes better with summer than Greece. Therefore, a swimwear inspired by Greek legends is a must have. Meet MITOS, a highly inventive luxury brand drawing inspiration from traditions, cultures and mythology. https://www.mitoswimwear.com

mitos elysium ss18



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