My (CHANEL) beauty kit for a travel month

Remember the classic imagination exercise with… what would you take with you on a deserted island? Well, I am not going to an island, but I will #ontheroad most of the March. Therefore, the questions still stands: what beauty products would I take with me in a trip? The answer is simple: a very good cream and the perfect mascara. Both CHANEL, of course. 

CHANEL Sublimage, La Collection Lumière – available from March in Chanel Fragrance & Beauty Concept (Baneasa Shopping City) (,
New eyes collection make-up by CHANEL – available from March in Chanel Fragrance & Beauty Concept.

Well, to be honest, usually I add to the list the foundation and a lip balm. But if I have to take only two, the perfect cream for a glowing skin and a product so put my eyes in the spot will do the job. Here is why.

1. CHANEL Sublimage, La Collection Lumière – or, as Gabrielle Chanel, said, the face is a “mirror that reflects the events of your inner life.” 

chanel sublimage le collection lumiere
  • This cosmetic treasure is the emblem of know-how in terms of creation and expertise, designed for all women, regardless of their age or skin tone.
  • Sublimage, La Collection Lumière combines natural anthyllis extract (combats oxidative stress and helps to regulate melanin synthesis) with intense Vanilla Planifolia water (antioxidant properties) for double radiance and antiaging eficacy. Each of these precious ingredients is grown with eco-friendly processes that ensure perfect traceability.
  • The collection includes – three complementary skincare products for a complete and comprehensive approach: La Lotion Lumière Exfoliante prepares radiance, L’Essence Lumière activates it and La Crème Lumière reinforces it with its brightening action. 

2. The New Eyes Collection – an innovative line for beautiful eyes. 

  • Two years ago, CHANEL shook up the beauty world with Le Volume Révolution de CHANEL mascara, equipped with the first 3D-printed brush marketed on an industrial scale. Today, CHANEL uses innovation to enhance beauty once again with Le Volume Stretch de CHANEL. 
  • The new mascara brush unveils an elegant, streamlined and curved shape that is extremely precise; with its elastic shape memory, it bends and stretches in all directions before returning to its original form. Plus, the formula is based on a perfect balance between natural-origin waxes for impeccable glide, stunning curve and a stretch effect. 
  • Add to that a liner de CHANEL – easy to apply, with a flexible tip and 7 different shades. And a pallete for eyebrows – La Palette Sourcils, which unites two textures and four accessories to precisely groom each hair – 3 shades available. 

Photography: (c) CHANEL 


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