Brâncuși, love and a hint of history: a jewellery collection signed by Claudia Florentina

I was expecting a story about the beautiful, extremely interesting pieces of jewellery, built as a complicated architecture. I received, in Claudia Florentina studio, (as a well deserved bonus!), a fascinating story about re-interpretations of Brancusi’s works and some forgotten Romanian motifs, but also a lesson about the feminine power of our days.

In the Claudia Florentina’s studio, time seems to be have a different time measure, and a few hours appeared insufficient to discover all the symbols hidden in the fine web of jewellery pieces and the interesting declines in the sculpture of the motifs from Brancusi’s creation. I fell in love with the chandelier earrings, I browsed though the photographic art albums signed by Claudia Florentina (“Old Town Bucharest” and “Brancuși & L’Amour”) and I hardly took my eyes off the sculptures that bring back in the present days the Negresa Blonda of Brancusi sculpture. Claudia Florentina told me about the moodboard of her collection for 2020 and about the iconic pieces that will always exist in her workshop.

Claudia Florentina pieces are available on… Molecule-F Concept Store (Eremia Grigorescu 4 street) &, Cellini Baneasa, Helvetia Baneasa,

Your first fashion crush story was related to…

An emerald cut diamond and the lines of “Sărutul” (The Kiss) statue of Brâncuși, that version that we saw today on Montparnasse grave of a young girl Tatiana Rachevskaia, who has committed suicide because of a love story. 

The moodboard for your 2020 collection includes… 

Somebody asked me about the Dacian Draco (“Lupul dacic”) and if we could do something related to this legend. Therefore, I went to the History Museum to see the Dacian & Thracian jewellery – in the end, the idea for the 2020 moodboard collection came up to be a warrior woman. Actually, I’ve been working for some time on this theme – the powerful woman that is somehow forced by the society to be powerful. It’s about a woman that knows how to deal with a drill even dressed with high heels, who walks fearless with a briefcase and a bunch of flowers, taking care of a child as well. 

The most extravagant thing you wish to design is…

… oh, a lot! I have a lot of projects in the process, ones postponed and recharged, others just delayed for some years… 

The icon piece that will always be in your collections is… 

… The Woman in night dress – it is the most difficult model and it will be always in my collections (it has also a charmed eye hidden in the dress). But also Woman’s thoughts (the jewellery has the infinite sign in it or you could also say that is a sand hourglass). 

The biggest challenge for a designer nowadays is… 

… inspiration, message transmission and perennially. 

If your jewellery could sing, the music would be… 

… it depends upon the collection. But, funny fact, I was actually inspired by a song for a jewellery collection already in the process of making – “Ani de liceu”, Stela Enache (“Highschool years”). 

The jewellery designer you admire most is… 

… many of them! Today you can see so many gorgeous jewellery beautifully executed – there is a special story behind each of them. 

We need fashion in our life because… 

… what do you mean “because”? Can you live without it? 

Photography: Deea Buzdugan @deeabuzdugan


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