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My 6 designer stories from AUTOR 2019

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I was expecting a house full of jewellery. I have found a space filled with stories. At AUTOR 2019, more than on other editions before, contemporary jewellery was different, telling some stories about power, diversity, human emotions and (of course), beauty. 

I have seen cute jewellery hidden inside of some colourful balloons (because we usually hide our emotions) at Dot Me Jewelry by Alina Constantinescu –, I have seen memories incapsulated in some interchangeable brooches and rings at Mihaela Caravan – @mihaelacrvn, I was attracted into ancient stories with the Apollo pieces from porcelain of What if I fly @what_if_I-fly, I was lost in… “The Lost world” of Anaydblu – @anaydblu, amused and captivated by the works of Gligor Kuzmanovski – @gligorwoody and simply mesmerised by the 33 pieces of brooches made out from… a head shape at Cleopatra Coșuleț – @cleopatra.cosulet.

AUTOR 2019 – at National Theater of Bucharest.– 20-21 of April. 

Focus artist – Raluca Buzura – READ HERE an interview with the designer. 

At the 10th edition of AUTOR – 100 designers, from 27 countries from 4 continents.

My personal list this year, at AUTOR 2019?

1. The wonderful collection of Raluca Buzura (Romania). Should I say again that I am simply in love with her pieces? “SHE” collection, presented this edition of the fair, speaks about the women and their inner world. “She is the origin of life itself, she’s the abundance and fertility (…) she’s powerful but still vulnerable… she’s beautiful. Not just today, but every day is about her” – this is how the collection is described. Delicate yet powerful porcelain pieces are destined to be seen on some amazing women’s outfits. – @ralucabuzura 

2. Namkyung Lee (South Coreea) – “For me, spaces with windows and the view through them remain as images from memories, like scene from photographs. Memories of windows exist as symbols of recall and contain a mixture of specific spaces and their connected feelings”, said the designer. Made out of glass and wood and silver, the brooches could be wonderful keepers of my own memories. – @nkstudio_nklee

3. Molism Design (UK) – I don’t know there are coincidences in life, but how many could be the chances to choose a piece of jewellery named Collapsing when you are tired as hell? Well, I did that. At Molism Design corner at AUTOR 2019. “Body language accounts for 55% of effective communication”, said the designer, Molly Wang. Therefore, her collection is composed by 5 different tipes of pieces, “Excited”, “Depressed”, “Suspended”, “Collapsing”, “Elated”, inspired by the movement analysis in dancing area. – @molismdesign

4. ISHQ by Debora Bosoni (Italy) – “Brutalism”is a very interesting collection of rings and brooches made out of silver and bronze. “Steams from a deep, instinctual pursuit for expression. It stands for intimate emotions, even before the mind can imagine it. It builds up from my hands, even before a sketch on paper is drawn.” I liked a lot the strong architecture of the rings and their cool line. – @deb_ishq

Autor-AlinaAliman ISHQ by Debora Bosoni

5. Wen Xin (UK) – Her rings with feminine figure talk about women power, about women stages in life, about women strengths. The little sculpture on the designer’s wonderful rings are there to make a statement. – @wwxinxin

6. Ieva Jankovska – Imagine little birds on a blue sky that you can wear on your neck. “Powdering Sky” is the name of the collection and, made out of metal, 3D printed parts, strives to illustrate the process of craft and the passage of time. “Jewellery collection consists of pieces combining high fidelity 3D printed structures joined with hand crafted enamelled surfaces in sterling silver and are embellished with fine silver and London Blue Topaz details.” – @ievajankovska1  

THE LIST at AUTOR 2019: Anayd Blu, Andra Lupu, Andreia G Popescu, Atelierul de Porțelan, Bárbara Iaso, Canan Durukal, Cleopatra Coșuleț, Collectiva – Joalharia de Autor, Corrina Goutos, cthruit, Daniella Saraya, Deglation, di.OZ Jewelry, Dot Me Jewelry, E.Lorraine, Elli Xippa, Emilie le Dez , Erato Kouloubi, Flore Soria, Gi Jewellery, Gili Doliner, Gligor Kuzmanovski, greytone, Harriet Morris, Horia Caltea jewellery, i{n}stance, ieva jankovska, Ikona Jewellery Studio, Inbar Shahak, into|into, Ioana Ardelean Jewelry, Iris Nijenhuis, ISHQ, Joana Santos jewellery, Joséfine K, Juls, KollektivKraft, korzhstudio, Label D, Les Jardins de Ralu, Lindsey Fontijn, Lucienne, Mar_Ive, Marina Zachou, Mario Albrecht, Me and You, Miao He, Michelle Lung, Mihaela Caravan, Miruna Belicovici, Molism Design, Mona Velciov Monotip, Monica Iacovenco Jewelry, Namkyung Lee, Neung Wi Kim Jewellery, Noa Tamir Jewelry Design, Noha Nicolescu, pa dǝ dø, Panayiotis Panayi, Pasa di Alessandra Pasini, Pusaka, Raluca Buzura, Sabina Drăgușanu, Sapi Szilagyi, Sara Chyan Jewellery, Simo Shomov Jewellery, Simone Frabboni, T Squared, Venice Design Week, Vika Tonu Design, Womancraft, Xiangyin Shi, Xiaonan, Yue Tan, Yuzhuo Fu.

Photography: Ionuț Dobre @johndobre


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