Eyes on the trends: flash Q&A with the designer Venera Arapu

If I had to say, fast, one of the few names that stay cool & relevant in Romanian fashion industry over the years, I would say, without blinking, Venera Arapu. That Romanian designer that was always ahead trends. Actually, I think if a trend didn’t exist, she kind of… inventing it. Venera Arapu is one of the designers who says that a fashion product means “100% inspiration and 100% work”. And, just before spring days, I dared her, quickly, to answer to a short Q&A about Spring/Summer 2019 collection, fashion history and trends. 

Venera Arapu pieces are available on venera-arapu.com, Instagram: @veneraarapu.
Also on mews-channel.com and Instagram @mewschannel.
And on www.molecule-f.com. 

venera arapu SS19 collection

The moodboard for SS2019 includes…

… an overall look on nowadays fashion. 

How much is the inspiration, what percentage is the work in a new collection process?

I would say… 100% work and 100% inspiration. 

The best / the worst thing that happened in fashion in the last 5 years… 

The best is, for sure, the super creative direction in fashion, appeared as a reaction, a manifest against fast fashion trend. The worst? The continuous battle between designers and mass-market brands.

venera arapu tshirt stars

venera arapu spring:summer 2019 collection

If possible, you would delete from the history of fashion…

… nothing, not a single period. Each of them had a major contribution for fashion evolution. 

Venera Arapu signature piece will always be… 

… the dress. 

You wished you have invented… 

… the jeans. 

venera arapu dress oversize

venera arapu designer ss19

#10yearschallenge – on what look of 2019 trends you bet to be in vogue 10 years from now on? 

Sport pieces. 

Alina Aliman & Venera Arapu

Photography: www.dreamingof.net 


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