Playing games with jewellery: interview with SNOB designer

Her studio is warm and cosy and the time flied when I start talking with Iza Vișoianu about contemporary jewellery, fabrics or… cats (she has two adorable cats in the studio). I know Iza for some years know and I just love the details of her delicate SNOB jewellery and I am always amazed by the passion and delicacy that she has for transforming some leaves in the most fabulous earrings that anybody could have.

jewellery snob hand

SNOB jewellery could be found… on the website / facebook / instagram, / Molecule-F Concept Store (Promenada Bucuresti)

Jewellery because…

I am in love with details and jewellery represents that small detail that can completely transform a look.

It is named SNOB because…

“It’s not made by snobs.

It’s not made for snobs.

But it’s made with a snobbish approach.”

Your love story with fashion has started with… 

… a Barbie doll and all sorts of material patches that I would cut and make tiny clothes. Since then I knew deep down that my job would be something related with fashion.



snob collection

snob necklace

This spring collection is about… 

… gold. The little things, precious and fragile but tough enough to last a lifetime. The collection will surprise that minimal line that we love so much.

The moodboard for SNOB jewellery will always include…

… natural elements, shiny surfaces, playful mechanisms.

If your jewellery could sing, the music would be…

… the sound of wind passing through trees branches.

snob ring

jewellery snob

The biggest challenge for a designer nowadays would be… 

… to maintain the inspiration flow and to be able to self analyse and reinvent every time it’s necessary. A designer always has ups and downs but must never give up.

The most extravagant thing you wish to design is… 

… a mystery trap box that has a very complicated mechanism and only opens with a secret couple of tricks.

We need fashion in our life because… 

… it is the most effective way to express ourselves in real life, a way to show who we are from the first glance.

earring snob

alina aliman iza visoianu

Alina Aliman & Iza Visoianu

Photography: SNOB


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