Love is in the air

I know some people who say love doesn’t need material things. That flowers are not just only for birthdays and special occasion, but for every day. And yes, I agree that love should be around us in every single moment, not only when commercials tell us to live it. And I know that it doesn’t matter that love is celebrated on 14th of February or… in August, let’s say. But isn’t so lovely to have (an)other pretext to give and receive gifts?

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What everybody wish for in a special day dedicated to lovers? Smiles, kisses, love all around… And, why not, a jewellery as a reminder of a special day. This season, Pandora proposes a special collection for Valentine’s Day, an Essence Collection. What we are going to put on the wish list? A pink zirconium and gold charm, a romantic moon stone charm and two lovers’ hearts charm.

pandora 2

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