The dream beauty kit: a CHANEL winter holiday 2020

It is very possible that these holidays will be celebrated… at home. It is, for certain, an end of a year with a lot of challenges. Therefore, what better reason to pamper and spoil ourselves we could have? And the CHANEL holiday collection 2020 is just the perfect answer in a gloomy day. 

CHANEL N°5 Holiday collection & LES CHAÎNES D’OR DE CHANEL make-up collection are available on & in in Chanel Fragrance & Beauty Concept (Baneasa Shopping City) (,

  • Let’s begin with my favourite kit for body…  
    … N°5 Holiday 2020. Practically, 5 essentials for a complete perfuming itual revolving around the most iconic fragrance N°5. Practically, 5 more reasons (essentials!) to leave your (scented) mark.
    N°1 – the shower gel – it has a creamy, foaming texture that lightly scents the skin and leaves it feeling velvety soft. 
  • The body lotion – provides instant hydration and its formula has an active ingredient derived from rose and jasmine, that leaves a delicate, hydrating veil on the skin
  • The body cream – presented in a lightly frosted glass jar, it provides a voluptuous experience and intensely hydrating.
  • The deodorant – Housed in an opaque bottle, this comforting step of the routine was formulated with subtle, fresh notes that perfectly complement the oral bouquet of N°5.
  • Ultimate touch of seduction to infuse hair with the delicate scent of N°5. In a transparent, frosted glass bottle, its formula is enriched with a new active ingredient derived from rose and jasmine. 

To complete the holiday look…
… I need the make-up collection LES CHAÎNES D’OR DE CHANEL. With this exclusive collection, Lucia Pica transforms a timeless visual code and a signature of Mademoiselle Chanel into a modern talisman that embodies the splendour and emotional thrill of the festive season. This year, the colour designer turns to one of the iconic symbols of CHANEL: golden chains. Flamboyant and striking, the shades of this collection are designed for all women who embrace their daring side. 

  • The ideal kit of 2020 holidays will include…
  • Illuminating Blush Powder – its golden radiance subtly enhances facial contours with a rosy undertone for a delicately sculpted and dazzling effect.
  • Ombre Première Powder – available in four sumptuous shades, reflecting the spirit of the collection with bold golds. Whether sparkling or antique rose or white, they each echo the pleasure of opulent festivities. These powders give shape to audacious and hypnotic eyes.
  • Rouge Allure – the lipstick delivers the final touch of elegance. Like a tribute to Gabrielle Chanel’s unconditional love for the colour gold, the timeless shades of Rouge Allure are enriched with luminous golden sparkles.
  • Le Vernis – of course, an antique gold – Le Vernis Chaîne d’Or is a shimmering antique gold nail polish that brings a final touch to festive makeup.

Foto: (c) Chanel