In love with the drawings on Mușat T-shirts

A sunny day. A lots of coffee. A cool car. A pair of blue jeans and a white beautiful white T-shirt. This may be, for short, my wish list for a good day. And when the T-shirt is embroidered with the most amazing drawing signed Mușat, my day may just turn better. Yes, I love T-shirts (and I had a tone, along with white shirts and blue jeans) and, when I got a new one from Molecule-F store, as a gift form my dear friend, Rovena (@rovena_andrei), I wanted to find out more about the designer.

musat tshirt

I talked with talented Irina Mușat about the story of the drawings, movies and music and, of course, about the jeans that goes perfectly with the T-shirts from the moodboard of the collection for the fall. 

musat world white tshirt

We could find Mușat products on…
… website and our online retailers Band of Creators and Molecule F. You can find a selection of T-shirts in Molecule-F showroom in Bucharest (4 Eremia Grigorescu Street) and other fashion boutiques in Timișoara and Constanța. Soon we will be available also in boutiques from Milan and Paris.

Instagram – @musatworld 

musat tshirt drawing

Your first fashion crush story was related to… 

My mother’s wedding dress that I found in the attic, in a summer holiday. I was 8-9 years old. I remember it was a boho style dress from an ivory tulle with little dots embroidered. It fascinated me so much that I ended cutting it and designing an identical one in a smaller size for my doll.

White T-shirts because… 

Because I love T-shirts. I have a lot in my wardrobe. Because they are versatile, comfortable and because they are like a white canvas: you can paint a different story each one individually. 

musat tshirt white drawing

The story of the drawings is inspired by… 

By art, by nature, by sunsets, by sun and rain and people. For example, the new fall winter collection inspiration comes from a walk in my grandmother’s garden at the sunset, the warm light that was falling on the colored flowers.

Old school items that will always stay on your moodboard you are…

… a perfect pair of jeans, the white T-shirt and sneakers. 

musat white tshirt

If your clothes could play in a classical movies, that one would be…

“Days of Heaven” – it is a romantic drama movie and the action takes place in Texas, among the endless chains, in happy and quiet days that seem an endless vacation. Shot mostly around sunset, the movie is infused from start to finish with the rich, warm glow of the day’s last rays of light. 

The most extravagant thing you wish to design is…  

The costume designs for a movie about Marie Antoinette. Since high school I was fascinated about the Renaissance, with all that it means: art, the artist and their works, the freedom of speech.

musat white tshirt drawing

Close your eyes and imagine a T-shirt that tells your story, as a designer. The drawing will include, for sure… 

A heart. Because it is a symbol that does not mean just an emotional core, but one with multiple and metaphorical meanings.

The biggest challenge for a designer nowadays is…

To stay authentic, unique.

musat world tshirts

The fall/winter collection 2019/2020 will include… 

The collection will have different styles and designs. I want more diversification to go with the T-shirt line, so you will see trousers, skirts and also jackets. In terms of colors the collection will be very vibrant, with multicolored flower prints on dark canvas.

Irina Mușat

Photography: Raluca Ciornea @ralucaciornea