Secret thoughts of HIGH10 Collection X David Drebin

Beautiful photographies, sculptural works, neon messages: the multidisciplinary artist David Drebin put all his cards on the table in the solo exhibition presented in September 2019 at Hamburg. (Photo up: David Drebin, Its Not Me Its You – copyright David Drebin, courtesy HIGH10 Collection.)

HIGH10 Collection X David Drebin – between 27 – 29 September 2019 @ Barlach-Halle K, Hamburg –
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David Drebin_Love Is In The Air_C-Print_2018_copyright David Drebin_courtesy HIGH10 Collection
David Drebin, Love Is In The Air, 2018, copyright David Drebin, courtesy HIGH10 Collection

Light, space, and subject are beautiful composed in Drebin’s images, with a help of feminine figure. His neon light installations take up the spirit of his photographs but in words, illuminating the secret thoughts (I Am You and You Are Me, 2014) or comments (Shut Up and Kiss Me, 2015) by Drebin’s female protagonists, as a minimalist yet provocative extension of his oeuvre.

The Canadian artist David Drebin is best known for his cinematic, narrative style featuring “femme fatales” in imaginative, dramatic settings, as well as dreamlike landscapes and cityscapes, or mysterious, unexpected encounters. – READ HERE an interview with the artist for DreamingOF blog about the Dreamscapes (2016) works. 

David Drebin_Lips In Bubbles_C-Print_2015_copyright David Drebin_courtesy HIGH10 Collection
David Drebin, Lips In Bubbles, 2015, copyright David Drebin, courtesy HIGH10 Collection

In recent years, David’s filmic signature style has evolved to include other art forms, such as lightboxes, neon installations, etchings on crystal starfire glass, and most recently, the revolutionary “photo sculptures” where he transforms his iconic muses and femme fatales into breathtaking high-definition 3D art masterpieces.

About the artist… 

David Drebin’s art career took off with an exhibition in 2005 at the Los Angeles-based gallery Fahey Klein. Not only did Elton John purchase his work and become a frequent collector, Drebin was also introduced to CAMERA WORK Berlin, later joining its roster. Drebin has since worked with A-list celebrities and global powerhouse brands such as Davidoff, Mercedes, American Express, Adidas, MTV, Nike, Sony, and many more. His images have appeared in top publications such as Vanity Fair, New York Times Magazine, Rolling Stone, GQ, Condé Nast Traveler, National Geographic, and ELLE. 

Photography: (c) courtesy of HIGH10 Collection X David Drebin