Longing for jewelry: meet 5 artists at DOR de AUTOR 2021

I missed a lot seeing, live, talented artists and their excellent works. I missed talking to the designers about their moodboards and collections. I missed being submersed, in one day, in a jewelry wonderland. But, then, DOR de AUTOR Pop-Up Shop happens. Looking forward to see what the artist have prepared for the event, I talked to 5 talented designers about their dreams in jewelry world. 

DOR de AUTOR Pop-Up Shop – the second edition. – https://dautor.ro
On October 30th and 31st, between 10 AM and 7 PM, at Hanul Gabroveni – Arcub, 84-90 Lipscani Street, in the Old Center of Bucharest.

Cleopatra Coșuleț  (https://www.cleopatracosulet.ro/en/, https://www.facebook.com/cleopatra.cosulet, Instagram: @cleopatra.cosulet)

If I were a piece of jewelry I would be…
… a ring. The Ring, the Statement, Sculptural, Unusual, and maybe not-easy-to-wear Ring.

What did you miss the most in 2021?
I think we all missed our old good life lately. Nothing is the same, and nothing will ever be. We live a new kind of restricted normality, and connections are no more easy to establish and maintain. No more real togetherness is now allowed, and this is what I miss most.

Miruna Belicovici (https://www.facebook.com/MirunaBelicoviciJewelry. Instagram: @mirunabelicovici)

If I were a piece of jewelry, I would be…
… most certainly, a brooch. Jewelry is like a language to me, a means to very personally articulate a meaning, to unveil a deeper truth, and to walk around wearing it, in plain sight. It’s like wearing your inside out as truthfully as it gets. Hence a brooch always seemed to be the one art object that mirrors this perspective to the fullest.

What did you miss the most in 2021?
The silent beauty of the simplest things, the ones that pass you by almost unnoticed. So, in the midst of all this tumultuous and in some respect frustrating times, I tried to surround myself with and offer as much as I could of this precious commodity. I worked a lot, striving to translate this desire into metal. We must adapt our routines and re-calibrate our comfort zones, this is a fact. And perhaps more so because of this new reality that surrounds us lately, the pieces I created were more personal, more intimate. It seemed that no matter what, people needed beauty in their everyday life and adorning their bodies appeared to fulfil that desire now more than ever. These last months proved once again that jewelry always matters.

3. Raluca Buzura (https://www.facebook.com/raluca.buzura/, Instagram: @ralucabuzura).
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If I were a piece of jewelry I would be…
Strong and fearless, bold and unspoken, white with gold, translucent and organic, communicating about real, important things to value in a lifetime… I would be my own creation and the creation would be mine.

What did you miss the most in 2021?
Connecting with my colleagues, with people… and getting the sense that my creation is useful and necessary for the society we live in.

4. Niki Stylianou (http://nikistylianoujewelry.com/, Instagram: @nikistylianoujewelry)

If I were a piece of jewelry I would be… 
… a Calderian necklace. And if the next thing you ask is “Which necklace?”, I would reply “The Jealous Husband” one. I admire Alexander Calder’s work. I think it is masterful, possessing the quality of intimacy of the handcrafted. I think it is powerful in its aesthetic boldness. And I believe it is provocative too; a unique statement that apart from adorning the body, requires the wearer to re-think what jewelry and its purpose is.

What did you miss the most in 2021?
The freedom to travel anywhere at any time… To reunite with everything and everyone I love or even conquer new territories.

5. Maria Paltin (https://www.facebook.com/MariaPaltinJewellery/, Instagram: @maria_paltin)
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If I were a piece of jewelry I would be…
I must admit I would probably be a big statement ring. I can wear bug rings every day, with every outfit and I’m never bored with them. It can be a whole story on your finger.

What did you miss the most in 2021?
I missed interacting more with people, I missed traveling with no fear, I missed making plans- this period you cannot tell what will happen next month.

The artists at DOR de AUTOR Pop-Up Shop: Cleopatra Coșuleț • Raluca Buzura • Miruna Belicovici • Maria Paltin • Lucienne Buga (Republica Moldova) • Alys Rocks • Paola Castro (Portugalia) • Anayd Blu • Bizar Concept • Fabiana Fusco (Italia) • FrammentiDesign (Italia) • Atelierul de Porțelan The Sense of Beauty (Olanda) • Mesteshukar ButiQ • Miracolore • Jkult • Diana Pantea Jewellery • Cătălina Geru • Iunie Jewelry • Teodor Siminic.