5 exhibitions to see in August 2021

Young artists with a unique style, an unconventional installation, an exhibition underlying an important statement, some nice sport memories from the past and a cool collective study of the landscape: these are 5 exhibitions to see this month. 

1. Galateca @galateca

“Sound of silence” is the latest exhibition signed by the young artists Sabina Legănaru and Kira Hagi, a paradox explored by the artists. Their visual practice and the aesthetic approach are different, but is is so obvious, for both, a certain tendency towards a deep exploration of the self. For Sabina Legănaru, these searches are represented by a series of interesting and touching painting, while Kira Hagi exposes a visual diary of four years of her life. (Curator: Andreea Sandu; 22 of July – 21 of August 2021) – www.galateca.ro 

Sabina Legănaru
Kira Hagi

2. Triumf Amiria – Zina Gallery, Cluj-Napoca – @triumf.amiria, @zinagallery_zg

Zina Gallery is hosting, these days, under the name “TRIUMPH AMIRIA: MUSEUM WORKINGS” a cluster of solo exhibitions: “Triumf Amiria Love Letter to Veda Popovici”- about activism, political imagination and radical fragility, “Triumf Amiria Love Letter to Mihai Mihalcea”- about disobedient bodies that short-circuit the public space and pantheons of consumerism, “Triumph Amiria Love Letter to Irina Bujor” – about empathy, fluid identities and dreamy futures. Plus, a group exhibition “Change-Exchange”, built around themes such as affirmative synonyms for identities that evade singular definitions, the condition of the artist / curator, queer bodies, through participatory works proposed by Jasmina Al-Qaisi, Apparatus 22 and Georgiana Dobre & Kjersti Vetterstad. 
Basically, Zina Gallery in Cluj (https://zinagallery.com) is, this month, an extension of the Queer Culture Museum (Curator – Kilobase Bucharest) – www.triumfamiria.ro 

3. Celula de Artă @celuladearta 

In this tiny little gallery in Bucharest, between 3 and 17 of August, the artist Alexandra Baciu exposes a series of works from “Oneness” – a series dedicated to our inner light. Between 17-31 of August, the gallery will host the “Wong’mbat” exhibition of artist in memoriam Bogdan Popeea (Badon Peea) – fantastic creatures and out-of-this world stories. 

4. Galeria Posibilă @galeria_posibila

You have to hurry to catch the last days of the exhibition: The Use of Landscape. It is a student collective exhibition (those students that have participated at the workshop of Michael Höpfner, coordinated by Iosif Kiraly în 2020). Amy Casilda Bartoli, Dominik Buda, Cătălina Cosma, Vlad Dinu, Flora Franke, Elena Kristofor, Denise Lobonț, Diana Păun, Patric Pavel, Nora Severios – the artists that try to understand and to approach the landscape in thier individual way. (24.06 – 07.08.202, Galeria Posibilă, str. Popa Petre, nr. 6, Bucharest)

5. MARe – Museum of Recent Art, Bucharest @muzeuldeartarecenta 

The Romanian sport since 1900 until today, with the help of C.S.A. Clublul Sportiv al Artelor. 53 art works (panting, drawings, sculpture, photography, video installations) by 48 Romanian artists. Box, rawing, gymnastics – all our obsessions in sport in the last 100 years are captured here, in some interesting artistic works (Lea Rasovszky, Codruța Cernea, Roman Tolici, Alexandru Țipoia, Ion Țuculescu, Ștefan Ungureanu, Ioana Ursa, Adelina Ivan, Mihai Zgondoiu are just some of names). (until 19 of September 2021, at MARe, www.mare.ro