David Jourquin, about emotions & secret loves for perfumes

“For me, fragrances are emotional touchstones. They speak the truth in a language that is invisible yet essential, intimate yet universal”, says David Jourquin. I talked with the founder of the perfumery house about the leather obsession, about the fragrance of the future and a world of passions. 

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David Jourquin perfumes

Why do you still have, after some years, the leather obsession in your fragrances?

The beginning of my indelible olfactory universe around leather started when I was 8 years old. Every morning, my mother would slip into her leather coat before kissing my goodbye and dashing off to work. Invariably, her perfume would mingle with the magical scent of the supple hide, casting a magic spell over the first few moments of my day. The leather became a material that is part of my life. 

If the new fragrance would be a classical movie, that will be… 

Definitely: “The Emerald Forest”.

What is your first memory related to a perfume?

Every Wednesdays, I used to go with my parents to the leather factory. And my mother wore this perfume that I knew for 34 years… 

Name the three key points in the evolution of the brand…

Collaborations / Co-Branding. Then, progressive diversification of products. Then, when we gain international visibility. 

To feel & to understand a rare / a special fragrance we need… 

The perfume is like a second skin. Therefore, for me, I would say that we need one fragrance by season. Than, after that, depending on how you feel, maybe I would say that everybody needs one perfume for the day and one scent for the evening. Or, why not, you could easily mix two perfumes and create a fragrance of your own.

What do you think that the perfume of the future will be like?

For sure, connected. 

What is next for David Jourquin perfumes?

The next about my brand is to continue to be as sincere as possible in my creations. And, if possible, to work with passions. And that is because I would like my perfumes to be loved for what they are, personal olfactory compositions, unique objects, artistic and alive. I would like the perfumes to be murmured like a secret that one shares with someone who loves.

David Jourquin

Photography: (c) David Jourquin / http://davidjourquin.fr/en/ 


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