8 collections to see at MATERIA 2018 

It will be hard to choose my favourites this year from all the talented designers at MATERIA 2018 fair. And now, more than ever, it will be very hard for me to decide if I will take home a bag, a pair of beautiful shoes, a necklace made out of leather, earrings or some multi-functional objects.

MATERIA 2018 will take place bewtween 20-21 of October, at Palatul Telefoanelor, Bucharest. – https://www.facebook.com/MateriaFair/ 

The fair is not about new collections or new designs of the same fashion object. This year, at MATERIA 2018 edition, all is about the versatility, the innovation, about the new meaning of same old object. Nowadays a designer object (no matter if it is a bag or shoes or notebook or wallet) could be, after all, anything you wish to. Therefore, keep your eyes on these ones…

DADA BAGS – dozens of leather stripes and a lot of innovation: these are enough to transform one of the trendiest item of last seasons (the funny pack) into a must-have objects. It may be used on the waist or on the shoulder – the cool effect is included. Read the interview with the designers behind DaDa Bags brand – HERE. (Other collections – https://dada.ro)

materia DaDa bags

ATRIBUT – if you want a backpack that reminds you of school days. The cute detail (like a notebook spiral) is unusual and fun. Read a cool interview with the designer – HERE. (Other collections – https://www.1statribut.com/ro/)

materia atribut

ALEXANDRA ABRAHAM – a leather jacket is not necessarily a motor one. Could be a very fashionable one, in bold colours and trendy prints, like this one saw in the new collection of Alexandra Abraham. Read a short Q&A with the designer, HERE. (Other collections – http://www.alexandra-abraham.com)

materia alexandra abraham

LEMNIA – this is one special brand that I like a lot. And they can combine leather & wood – two raw materials – in some beautiful items perfect for the autumn outfits. Yellow was never my thing, but in this combo I think I have a winner! (Other collections – http://atelierlemnia.com)

materia lemnia

ANA MARCHETANU – forget about the gold, silver and precious stones! The earrings of the cool generation are made out of leather. Ana Marchetanu gave them a geometrical shape and a velvety touch. (http://www.anamarchetanu.ro)

materia ana marchetanu

SIMINA FILAT – I know her for some time and even so she manages to surprise me. First, it was a gold one-piece bag – one of my favourite item for a Paris Fashion Week edition. Then, it was the RUMMY project – the interchangeable pieces that can make up a bag, a dress or a… wall. And now, this piece for MATERIA 2018 is also a versatile one (two faces, a lot of zippers – you can choose to be your own bag designer). (https://www.siminafilat.ro)

materia simina filat

KARAKTER – it is something unique about a leather necklaces that takes your body contour while wearing. I liked a lot the colours and the shape and I just cannot wait to see all the collection. (https://www.facebook.com/studiokarakter/)

materia karakter

LAURA OLARU – She is the winner of MATERIA 2018 competition (and the kindest, hard-working person I know!). The bag/notebook/clutch item that she imagined serves perfectly a working fashionista 🙂 I know that Laura has other big surprises for us, therefore on 20-21 October, you know where to find me at MATERIA! (Other products – https://lauraolaru.ro)

Alina Aliman Laura Olaru

Alina Aliman & Laura Olaru

Photography: Ovidiu Udrescu – https://www.facebook.com/udr.ovidiu


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