My 5 work outfits for this week

When I was a little girl, I hated the uniforms. Now, in front of a fully packed wardrobe and 10 minutes to hit the road in the morning, I wish I have a list of “uniforms” for every day. Or, at least, some outfits already tested and prepared for 5 work days. Therefore, I have decided to make a little experiment:  to find 5 beautiful tops and to think (at least theoretically) about the work outfits of this week.

Let’s start: all the tops are from

Monday business: my choice is a beautiful striped shirt in blue and white, from River Woods (Click HERE to buy). Why? It goes with everything, from jeans to wool pants, from a midi leather skirt to some smoking pants and high heels. I just love the beautiful details: the black star on the front and the white lace collar. (PHOTO UP)

Weekend alternative for it? A trip to Normandy, along with a long beige cashmere skirt.


Tuesday cool: my second choice is, of course, again, a shirt (in white and navy blue), from Berenice. Click HERE to buy .It could work well with a pair of boyfriend jeans and some rocker boots, as well as with some leather pants and some stiletto.

Where I would go in holiday with that one? In Stockholm, of course, under an electric blue cardigan, a vest and a green puffer (see the trends – the layering goes extreme this season, as I saw at Sacai or Balenciaga).


French Wednesday: the piece on the hanger will be the white oversized crisp shirt from Belair (Click HERE to buy). Chic sunglasses (I could simulate a headache to keep them on even inside, could I?!), skinny checked pants and some flats.

Weekend alternative? Of course, Provence, in combination with a paisley scarf and a big basket to put inside the croissants, the bread, the cheese, the olives, the truffles… you get it, right?!

La Petite Francaise

Thursday fun: it is almost weekend, and the best parties are here to stay. Therefore, the cool white blouse from Le Petite Française is perfect for a day a little bit longer. Click HERE to buy it. I will wear it with some wool grey wide pants and platform boots. For the evening, it is enough to put on my red lipstick and a very cool cuff on my hand.

The blouse will be in my luggage when I will head back to a beautiful Spa in France. With a pair of white jeans and some espadrilles, of course.

absolut cashmere

Thank God is Friday! For the last day of the working week I will let on the shelf the beautiful warm and soft sweater/top from Absolut Cashmere. Click HERE to buy it. It has 3 important advantages: it is cosy and warm (perfect for a lunch outside), it goes with practically anything (from jeans to business suit and midi skirt or even with some biker shorts – the ultimate trand in street style – and it has buttons, which makes it easy to take off. Weekend, here I came! In a cosy hotel in Barcelona, maybe this time.



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