My list of 5 CHANEL beauty products just perfect for the winter 

Despite my #seagirl mood (almost) all the time, I like winter. Well, I should say I like a part of it – I adore the sound of the fresh snow under my boots and the odd symmetry of the snowflakes, I kind of enjoy the cold dry air in the morning and I just looove skating. The constant cold, the frosted lips and the need to overdress all the time is the least part of it. But I am happy that I found the perfect 5 CHANEL beauty products just perfect for the winter

CHANEL Les Beiges & N°1 DE CHANEL Red Camellia Revitalising Mask & N°1 DE CHANEL LIP AND CHEEK BALM are available on & in Chanel Fragrance & Beauty Concept (Baneasa Shopping City) (,

First, I would like to say that there is nothing better for a glowy skin than a crisp air of the winter mornings (of course, with the skincare underneath it:) Therefore, the first product I will chose to put on my winter list will be LES BEIGES HEALTHY WINTER GLOW PRIMER – they have a fresh, creamy formula that absorbs quickly into the skin in order to liven up winter complexions, blur imperfections, and plump the skin. Available in three shades—a white with lilac iridescence, an icy beige with peach iridescence, and a coppery pink beige—its translucent finish was inspired by the way the ice and frost glimmer in the light. At the heart of its formula, a blend of jasmine-infused oil, camellia seed oil, and hyaluronic acid delivers hydration and long-lasting comfort. Enriched with blue microalgae, the formula also provides antioxidant protection to help combat external aggressors.

The second product that I need in my day at skating: a perfect lipgloss. This winter, ROUGE COCO BAUME is available in three vibrant new shades, which are intensified by a silky, lip-conditioning formula that glides onto lips and delivers instant hydration thanks to a Hydraboost complex composed of natural waxes. With shades ranging from a fresh, tender pink to an icy mauve beige and a deep brownish pink, it leaves lips with unstoppable shine, which in turn gives the complexion a boost of radiance. 

The third one: an icy nail polish, a perfect to match to my white skating sweater. The softness of winter is also conveyed through two new shades of LE VERNIS: a snowy white, as delicate as a snowflake, and a frosted pink. Featuring a breathtaking formula that catches the light, they offer the ultimate touch of sophistication, right down to the fingertips.

The forth – the perfect mask to calm the skin after some hours spent in the cold. To be more precise, the N°1 DE CHANEL THE RED CAMELLIA REVITALIZING MASK. In 2023, CHANEL added to the N°1 DE CHANEL ritual a mask concentrated with red camellia and hibiscus flower acid extracts. Its surprising, fresh gel formula gently exfoliates the skin, evening and refining its texture. Fresh yet enveloping, the mask delivers instant and refreshing hydration.

The fifth: N°1 DE CHANEL LIP AND CHEEK BALM – for the after skating (or après-ski if you prefer) party. Enriched with red camellia oil and plant wax, the multiuse balm offers concentrated colour and hydration. Its creamy, nourishing formula melts onto the skin, leaving lips and cheeks plump and enhancing their natural colour. This winter, three exclusive new shades have been added to the range: Vibrant Coral, Ardent Brick, and Purple Energy.

Photography: (c) CHANEL. 

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