#sustainability x 4 in Romanian designs

As many natural fabrics as you can. No more waste. Plenty of classical designs, that will last more than a season. Plastic upcycling. These are just some reasons to follow the work of some talented Romanian designers. I saw (and I tried) some pieces, I listened to their stories at V Fair @vdesignfair and I left the venue smiling, knowing that is something worth buying. Something that will no harm the planet. #sustainability. 

Bianca Popp – @biancapopp – read an interview with the designer here.
Narro Clothing – @narro_clothing 
Ferencz Borbola – @b_o_r_b_a_l_a_see the look from her graduation collection at @gala_uad_fashion_design. 
Mona Vasvari – @monavasvari

1. Ferencz Borbola – “Sustainability means to me, in the first place, not using new fabrics at all. I tried to recycle old pieces from my friends, to transform unwanted clothes, to upcycle things that were meant to become garbage. After all, I have always thought about the value of the things – what’s garbage, what’s valuable? We throw away too many things, therefore I have decided to give them a new life. I used transformed plastic for some of my pieces, I even got one of my mom’s old dress – 25 years old – cut into pieces and transformed.”

2. Mona Vasvari – “For me, the packaging is important, as well as the fabrics I use. But, most of all, I think about the huge consumerism of our  days and I don’t like the trend at all. Therefore, I have in mind the quality of the products, I tried to make them timeless, so the customers don’t have to buy a new piece every season. In this collection, for example, I used a lot natural silk, with a digital print designed by me”, said the designer. 

3. I know Bianca Popp’s designs for some years and I am always astonished by their versatility and timeless look of her collections. “City life is complicated and twisted. We need structure and stability. We need clothes that function well in many dysfunctional environments”, she said to me After all, a #sustainable fashion is that one that produces quality products that pass the time test. 

4. Narro Clothing gets their wool from Transylvania small villages, support local communities and put the native talent on the radar. “We wanted to do as much sustainable items as we can. We said, basically, NO to plastic. The wool is natural, from Transylvania, the process of making of the sweater takes place here, in Romania, handmade” Cătălina Toaxen, the designer of Narro Clothing said to me. It takes 8 days to make a sweater like this, I found out then. But it will last for many winters, isn’t it? 

Photography: Ionuț Dobre @johndobre