The mystic life of a perfume: interview with Filippo Sorcinelli

Filippo Sorcinelli is wearing black. He has some tattoos and a intriguing air, something between a monk and a punk vocal of a London band. But he is Italian, and and artist, he is designing clothes for popes (yes, like in real ones, Pope Benedict XVI and the current Pope Frances l), he is a conceptual post-modernist artist whose work has been praised by the Louvre but also the creator of one of the most interesting line of perfumes seen lately, UNUM (available in Beautik Haute Parfumery,

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“All my perfume couldn’t exist without music. They include all the forms I want to express myself, photography, art, music, paintings. Actually, I will have soon an exhibition – like an installation – with the perfumes and all other works”, Filippo Sorcinelli told me, while I was admiring (and testing) the 5 fragrances from UNUM range. Opus 1144, Rosa Nigra, LAVS, Symphonie Passion, Ennuis Noir).  “A perfume is one of the most complete sensory, mystique and spiritual experiences we have in our lives. Therefore, for me more important are the emotions, the vibrations, not necessarily the pyramid of notes. I put my artistic vision in the hands of the nose and in laboratory he will let my moodboard inspire him”, said Filippo Sorcinelli, with a smile, when I asked him about the actual process of the making a fragrance.

Filippo Sorcinelli was, as a teenager, organist at the cathedrals of Fano, Rimini and San Benedetto del Tronto. He got a Master’s degree from the Art Institute of Fano, he also studied at the Rossini Conservatory in Pesaro and then at the Vatican’s prestigious Pontifical Institute of Sacred Music in Rome. No wonder that he is so into gothic mood. And that is translated to the black bottles of UNUM, into the mystical scent (almost like in a church) for some of the perfumes.

“We used, at LAVS – Laboratorio Atelier Vesti Sacre – to use a fragrance to finished garments before delivery. So that’s how the journey of the first perfume started. And LAVS is still our bestseller”, said Filippo Sorcinelli. “LAVS is the ideal declination reflecting my way of seeing the world. It is not just a celebration of a work but a true life style pledge. It is my spiritual garment that transcends all boundaries, perfect alchemy between the world and my art.”

UNUM perfume

UNUM as Spirit without religion, but as a reason for living;

UNUM as a gesture, breath and taste of a true story to tell, which arises,

passionate and suffered,from the depths, from that scent of a life lived and not invented.

UNUM like crying, like happiness, that cannot transcend life, because life is our story.

UNUM is Art. And art does not feel borders, closures or censorship.

Precisely because of its uniqueness, Art is a universal language.

UNUM wants to be this Universe.



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