10 CHANEL bags worth collecting

Some people are collecting antiques, other put all their money in valuable art objects. But some of us are rather prefer to put the money where we can see them (to quote a famous character, Carrie, from “Sex and the City”): in the closet, as bags and shoes, and clothes… Therefore, here they are, the 10 CHANEL bags from Fall/Winter 2016/2017 collection (www.chanel.com) worth collecting. And the best jewellery to wear with them.

In this collection, Karl Lagerfeld reinterprets several fundamental elements of CHANEL’s stylistic vocabulary, starting with the emblematic quilting of the House that we discover here as an ultra-light version on the flap bags, the shopping bags and even a backpack, uniting comfort with elegance.

Chanel bags fall/winter 16/17 embroided

The Girl bag adopts a clutch format in quilted leather or united with tweed. Functional thanks to its numerous pockets, its leather-interlaced chain is detachable at one end allowing it to be hand held or worn over the shoulder.

Chanel bags fall/winter 16/17 red

A pink tweed mini CHANEL is perfect with some big quartz buttons on the most fluid silk shirt.

Chanel bags fall/winter 16/17 tweed

Is it a clutch? Is it a paper holder? It is perfect, anyway, in combination with a big warm grey sweater and a beaded bracelet.

Chanel bags fall/winter 16/17 denim

Karl Lagerfeld has also reinvented the iconic CHANEL bags and, in particular, the 11.12 which, this season appears in a laser treated faded denim. To wear with pearls.

Chanel bags fall/winter 16/17 pearls

Mini, with a golden chain and mandatory with pearls.

Chanel bags fall/winter 16/17 black

For evening, the clutches in leather, lizard or python play the ultimate luxury card with chains made of leather, metal and fantasy pearls. Even if it is mixed with wool gloves and oversized ruffles.

Chanel bags fall/winter 16/17 gold

As a tribute to the ateliers and their treasures, the resin minaudières adopt the shapes of a dual compartment sewing-box or a bobbin of golden thread.

Chanel bags fall/winter 16/17 white

White, classical. To wear with a white embellished cashmere cardigan.

Chanel bags fall/winter 16/17 chain

The 2.55 is reinvented every season.This time, with a floral in blue and beige pattern. The mix is possible with a dress in the same beautiful colour.

Chanel bags fall/winter 16/17

A classical CHANEL clutch in brown leather. Plus assorted gloves.

Photography: (c) CHANEL Stephane Gallois


Nice details: bags with an Italian heritage