3 reasons to love Jacquemus Spring/Summer 2017 collection

The designer has never stopped loving the South of France (read HERE about his first resort collection, so admired by the fashionista, using the same French landscapes as inspiration).The collection for Jacquemus Spring/Summer 2017 (www. jacquemus.com) is named “Les Santons de Provence and it refers to one of the emblematic cultural objects embodying the spirit of South of France. Shortly, each Santon can be recognised through specific features of his costume relating to its identity or craft: the Arlésienne, the Grand Father, the Cook, the Sheperd, the woman with lavender, the Bohemian…

1. The advertising campaign for Jacquemus Spring/Summer 2017 is beautiful. And reminds me of Provence I love. The four images (up) are shot by David Luraschi, on Rose Vanbosstraeten, who opened the show in Paris. Artistic direction by Simon.

Jacquemus Spring/Summer 2017 campaign

2. The fabrics are natural: linen, cotton, wool and white lace. The colors are neutral and quiet: black (brown, navy), white, beige; sometimes contrasted by a bright red and a graphical polka-dot pattern referring to the Bohemian style.

3. The clothes’ design is very interesting. The sleeves, an element well repeated on most of the catwalks for spring/summer collection come, at Jacquemus, into various shapes, playing on round volumes and square angles, and collars are often V-shaped.

Jacquemus Spring/Summer 2017

The trousers are as well as straight grand-father style trousers as long fluid ones belted under the breast and elongating the silhouettes or cropped pants.

Jacquemus Spring/Summer 2017 fashion

Skirts are long and wide or adorned by an accumulation of fan pleats, bringing a bohemian note.

Jacquemus Spring/Summer 2017 collection

Photography: Jacquemus (www. jacquemus.com)


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