Beauty wins. K.O.: David Frossard about The Orchid Man

It may punch you in the face. It may give you time to breathe. And it may win the battle, if you are not focused. Well, I may as well talking about a boxer or… a perfume. That’s because the thought world of boxing and the glamour world of fragrance have more things in common than I have thought until now. And the newest product of Frapin perfume house comes to support the theory, as David Frossard, the artistic director of Frapin Perfumes, says.

Frapin perfumes are available in Beautik Haute Parfumerie,

“I love box. I also practice box every day. And a lot of my students are women, and they are really good”, David Frossard, the artistic director of Frapin Perfumes told me, with a smile. “You know, when you run or swim, you have time to think about other stuff, to organise, maybe, your agenda for the next hours. When you box, you have to be very focused or else…”, he explained to me, when we have met, in Beautik Haute Perfumery store.

david frossard

Alina Aliman & David Frossard

Why a perfume inspired by a boxer? “The Orchid Man it’s a fragrance inspired by George Carpentier, who was a world wide champion of boxing in the twenties and thirties and known as The Orchid Man, due to his elegant style. I was fascinated of his life, of his elegance and his passion for box”, said David Frossard.

“Boxing, like perfume, is about facing yourself. An encounter of rituals and studied gestures. It is also a moment of violence that must be elegant and it is governed by precise rules and respect for the opponent, a gentleman’s sport.”

Therefore, Jérôme Epinette put all these details into one interesting and unique fragrance: The Orchid Man from Frapin perfume house. It’s very fresh fragrance with a head note of bergamot and black pepper, with leather and black amber. Its a perfect balance between freshness and the deeper character of the leather.

orchid man perfume

Frapin perfumes are available in Beautik Haute Parfumerie,


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